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Threedecks is the new home for Eicships.info. Andrea no longer has time to do his site justice, so we are providing a new home. The intention is to integrate the data into Threedecks its self, but that might take a while. In the meantime click the link to see what is available

Threedecks Introduction

This site is the culmination of several years of collecting naval data from the age of sailing ships.

There are currently 22,599 ships, 25,463 seamen, 948 actions/battles and countless other items listed on this site

To see a breakdown of ships by nation and category follow this link (may take a few seconds to load)

It all started when I was unable to find accurate, or even any, information on the armament of sailing ships for my wargames. This led to the creation of a few spreadsheets with some data, and eventually to collaborating with Manu and others on the 3decks Wiki. In turn that caused me to update my spreadsheets into a database. The restrictions of the static wiki format, mainly with huge number of pages that have to manually created and the fact that all links need to be updated individually, has led me to want to place the data I have collected onto a dynamic, database driven, site.

This is that site, I hope you find it useful

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, questions or additional information just email me on

Please use the menu above to find what you want, I hope this will be self-explanatory, but if you need help feel free to ask.