Battle of the Gabbard

Zeeslag bij Nieuwpoort

Battle of the North Foreland

2nd June 1653 - 3rd June 1653
Part of : The First Anglo-Dutch War (1652 - 1654)
Previous action : Battle of Leghorn 4th March 1653
Next action : Battle of Scheveningen 31st July 1653


Dutch Republic - Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp

Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Vrijheid 50Abraham van der Hulst
Stad en Lande 38Joost Bulter Sunk
Sint Matheeus 42Cornelis Laurenszoon
Pelikaan 34Barend Tijmenszoon Soudaen
Elias 34Frans Franszoon Sluyter
Westergo 34Tijmen Claeszoon Captured
Rozeboom 32Bartolomeus Riesbeeck
Graaf Willem 40Jan Gideonszoon Verburgh
Haes in 't Veld 30 
Profeet Samuel 30Reynst Corneliszoon Sevenhuysen
Blauwe Arend 28Hendrik Claeszoon van der Streeck
Catharina 28Jan Janssen Coppe
Gelderland 28Cornelis van Velsen
Neptunus 28 
Sint Vincent 28Andries Douweszoon Pascaert
Sint Pieter 28Gerrit Schuyt
Leiden 30Hendrick Kroeger
Hoop 28Boetius Schaeff CO Killed
Vergulde Halve Maan 26Hendrick Pieterszoon
Samson 26Hendrik Adrianszoon
Graaf Willem 14 
Koning David UnknownJacob Arenszoon Expended as fireship

Commonwealth of England

The Red Squadron - Vanguard, James Peacock
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Triumph 60Joseph JordanSquadron Flagship
Laurel 46John Stokes
Adventure 32Robert Nixon
Providence 30John Pearse
Bear 46Francis Kirby
Heartsease 36Thomas Wright
Hound 36Johnathon Hide
Anne and Joyce 26William Pile
London 40Arnold Brown
Hannibal 44William Haddock
Mary Prize 36Henry Maddison
Thomas and William 36John Jefferson
The Red Squadron - Main Division, Robert Blake
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Resolution 64John BourneFleet Flagship
Worcester -> 1660 Dunkirk 48William Hill
Advice 42Jeremy Smith
Diamond 42John Harman
Sapphire 38 
Marmaduke 40Edward Blagg
Pelican 42John Simons
Mermaid 24John King
Golden Fleece 44Nicholas Foster
Loyalty 34John Limbery
Society 34Nicholas Lucas
Malaga Merchant 36Henry Collins
Martin 14John Vesey
The Red Squadron - Rearguard, Samuel Howett
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Speaker -> 1660 Mary 50Samuel HowettSquadron Flagship
Sussex 40Roger Cuttance
Guinea 34Edmond Curtis
Tiger 38Gabriel Sanders
Violet 40Henry Southwood
Sophia 38Sir Robert Kirby
Falmouth 28Robert Mills
Four Sisters 30Robert Becke
Hamburg Merchant 34William Pestell
Phoenix 34Henry Eden
The White Squadron -Vanguard, Lionel Lane
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Victory 52John StokesSquadron Flagship
Centurion 50Walter Wood
Expedition 30Thomas Vallis
Gillyflower 32John Hayward
Middleburg 32William Godfrey
Raven 36Robert Taylor
Globe 30Robert Coleman
Prudent Mary 28John Taylor
Thomas and Lucy 34Andrew Rand
The White Squadron - Main Division, William Penn
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Portsmouth 42Robert Durnford
Anne Percy 32Thomas Hare
James -> 1660 Old James 48William PennSquadron Flagship
Lion 50John Lambert
Ruby 42Robert Sanders
Assistance 40William Crispin
Foresight 42Richard Stayner
Portland 50William Rous
Peter 32 Pierpoint
Exchange 30Henry Teddeman
Merlin 14George Crapnell
Richard and Martha 46Eustace Smith
Sarah 34Francis Steward
Lisbon Merchant 38Simon Bailey Hired Merchantman
The White Squadron - Rearguard, Thomas Graves
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Andrew 52George DakinsSquadron Flagship
Assurance 40Philip Holland
Duchess 24Edmund Smith
Princess Maria 38Henry Kirby
Pearl 22James Cadman
Reformation 40Anthony Earning
Industry 30Benjamin Salmon
The Blue Squadron - Vanguard, Joseph Jordan
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Vanguard 56Joseph JordanSquadron Flagship
Happy Entrance 40Richard Newberry
Dragon 38Edmund Seaman
Convert 32Philip Gethings
Paul 32Anthony Spathurst
Gift -> 1658 Great Gift 36Thomas Salmon
Crescent 28Thomas Thorowgood
Samuel Talbot 30Joseph Ames
Benjamin 32Robert Sparks
King Fernando 36Richard Paine
The Blue Squadron - Main body, John Lawson
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
George 52John LawsonSquadron Flagship
Kentish -> 1660 Kent 46Jacob Reynolds
President -> 1660 Bonaventure 44Francis Parker
Nonsuch 38Thomas Penrose
Success -> 1660 Old Success 38William Kendall
Welcome 40John Harman
Oak 32John Edwin
Brazil Frigate 30Thomas Heathe
Eastland Merchant 32John Walters
Adventure 38Edward Greene
The Blue Squadron - Rearguard, William Goodson
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Rainbow 64William GoodsonSquadron Flagship
Convertine 44Anthony Joyne
Amity 36Henry Packe
Dolphin 30Robert Davis
Arms of Holland 34Francis Harditch
Tulip 32John Clarke
Jonathan 30Robert Graves
Dragoneer 32Edward Smith
Nicodemus 6William Ledgant
Blossum 30Nathaniel Cock
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Essex 56William Brandley
William 40John Taylor
William and John 34Nathaniel Jesson
Exchange 32Jeffrey Dare
Samaritan 30Shadrach Blake
Katherine 24 


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