Battle of Dogger Bank

5th August 1781
Part of : The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780 - 1784)
Previous action : Attack in Saldanha Bay 21st July 1781
Next action : Patriot vs Cameleon 13th August 1781


Dutch Republic

Dutch Fleet, Johan Arnold Zoutman
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Erfprins 56 
Admiraal Generaal 74Jan Hendrik van KinsbergenSquadron Flagship
Argo 40 
Batavia 50 
Admiraal De Ruiter 68 Fleet Flagship
Piet Hein 56 
Holland 64  Sunk
Dutch Frigates
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Eensgezindheid 36 
Zephier 36 
Amphitrite 36 
Bellona 24 
Dolfijn 24 
Ajax 24 
Dutch Convoy Escort
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Spion 16 
Zwaluw 16 

Great Britain

British Fleet, Hyde Parker
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Berwick 74John Ferguson
Dolphin 44William Blair
Buffalo 50William Truscott
Fortitude 74George RobertsonFleet Flagship
Princess Amelia 80John Macartney CO Killed
Preston 50James Saumarez
Bienfaisant 64Richard Braithwaite
British Frigates
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Dolphin 44William Blair
Artois 40John Macbride
Latona 38Sir Hyde Parker
Belle Poule 36Philip Patton
Cleopatra 32George Murray
British Convoy Escort
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Iphigenia 32Charles Hope
Tartar 28Robert Manners Sutton
Leith 20 
Cabot 14Henry Cromwell
Alert 14 
Busy 14William Furnivall
Sprightly 10John Beardmore Swann
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Surprize 10Peter Rivett


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Posted by tony sullivan on Tuesday 9th of June 2015 00:23

missing word from last sentence of Parker's dispatches is 'flatter'

Posted by William Beason on Monday 4th of May 2015 16:21

according to the book Battles of the British Navy ; AD 1000 - 1840 by Joseph Allen A H Bailey & Company 1842.
Hyde Parker's flag ship at the battle of Dogger Bank " Fortitude " had Captain George Robertson as her captain. page 278

Posted by William Beason on Monday 4th of May 2015 16:16

according to the book Battles of the British Navy ; From AD 1000 to 1840 by Joseph Allen 1842. Hyde Parker's flag ship " Fortitude " had Captain George Robertson as her captain. page 278

Posted by Brian Stephens on Saturday 10th of May 2014 22:46

1781 - Thursday 9
Lieutenant Rivett, of his Majesty's cutter Surpise, brought the following letter to the Admiralty. Fortitude at Sea, Aug. 6, 1781
Sir, Yesterday morning we fell in with the Dutch squadron, with a large convoy, on the Dogger Bank. I was happy to find I had the wind of them, as the great number of their large frigates might otherwise have endangered our convoy. Having separated the men of war from the merchant ships, and made a signal to the last to keep their wind, I bore away with a general signal to chase. The enemy formed their line, consisting of eight two-decked ships, on the star board tack; ours, including the Dolphin, consisted of seven. Not a gun was fired on either side, until within the distance of half a musket shot. The Fortitude then being abreast of the Dutch Admiral, the action began, and continued with an unceasing fire for three hours and forty minutes; by this time our ships were unmanageable. I made an effort to form the line, in order to renew the action, but found it impracticable. The Bienfaisant has lost his main top mast, and the Buffalo his fore yard; the rest of the ships were not less shattered in their masts, rigging, and sails. The enemy appeared to be in as bad a condition. Both squadrons lay-to a considerable time near each other, when the Dutch, with their convoy, bore away for the Texel: We were not in condition to follow them. His Majesty's officers and men behaved with great bravery, nor did the enemy shew less gallantry. The Fortitude was extremely well seconded by Capt. McCartney in the Princess Amelia, but he was unfortunately killed early in the action. Lieutenant Hill has great merit, in so well supporting the conduct of his brave Captain. As there was great probability of our coming into action again, Capt. MacBride very readily obliged me by taking the command of that ship, and I have appointed Mr. Waghorn, my first Lieutenant, to the command of the Artois. This gentleman, although much hurt in the action, refused to leave my side while it lasted. Capt. Graeme, of the Preston, has lost an arm. The enemy's force was, I believe was much superior to what their Lordships apprehended. I ??? myself they will be satisfied that we have done all that was possible with ours.
I am, Sir etc...H. Parker

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