Battle of Copenhagen

Slaget på Reden

2nd April 1801
Part of : The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)
Previous action : Capture of the Curieuse 28th January 1801
Next action : Speedy vs Gamo 6th May 1801


Denmark (Dano-Norwegian navy) - Johan Olfert Fischer

Fischer's division in the King's Deep
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Provesteen 52L. F. Lassen
Wagrien 60F. C. Risbrich
Rendsborg 22C. T. Egede
Nyborg 20C. A. Rothe
Jylland 70E. O. Branth
Svaerdfisken 20S. S. Sommerfeldt
Cronborg 36J. E. Hauch CO Killed
Haien 20J. N. Müller
Charlotte Amalia 26H. H. Kofoed
Dannebroge 60F .A. BruunFleet Flagship
Elvin 24H. Holsten
Flådebatteri Nr. 1 20 
Aggershus 20T. Fassing
Saelland 74F. C. L. Harboe
Holsteen 60J. Arenfeldt
Infodsretten 64A. de Turah
Hielperen 16P. C. Lilienskiold
Fischer's division in the Inner Run (not engaged)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Danmark 74 
Tre Kroner 74 
Elephanten 70 
Mars 64 
Sarpen 16 
Nidelven 16 
Steen Bille's division (not engaged), Steen Andersen Bille
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Aalborg 2 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - Sir Hyde Parker

Main Battle Line, Lord Horatio Nelson (1st Duke of Bronté in the Kingdom of Sicily)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Polyphemus 64John Lawford
Isis 50James Walker
Edgar -> 1814 Retribution 74George Murray
Ardent 64Thomas Hoar Bertie
Glatton 56William Bligh
Elephant 74Thomas FoleySquadron Flagship
Ganges 74Thomas Francis Fremantle
Monarch 74James Robert Mosse CO Killed
Defiance 74Richard Retalick
Russell 74William Cumming
Bellona 74Sir Thomas Boulden Thompson11 killed, 72 wounded
Agamemnon 64Robert Devereux Fancourt
Desiree 36Henry Inman
Amazon 38Edward Riou CO Killed
Blanche 36Graham Eden Hamond
Alcmene 32Samuel Sutton5 killed, 19 wounded
Jamaica 22Jonas Rose
Arrow 28Nathaniel Portlock
Dart 28John Ferris Devonshire
Cruizer 16James Brisbane
Harpy 16Charles Worsley Boys
Discovery 10John Conn
Explosion 10James Martin
Hecla 10Richard Hatherill
Sulphur 10Header Whitter
Terror 8Samuel Campbell Rowley
Volcano 10James Watson
Zebra 8Edward Snyd Clay
Otter 8George M'Kinley
Zephyr 10Clotworthy Upton
Reserve, Sir Hyde Parker
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
London 90William DomettSquadron Flagship
Saint George 98Thomas Masterman Hardy
Warrior 74Charles Tyler
Defence 74Henry Paulet
Saturn 74Robert Lambert
Ramillies 74John William Taylor Dixon
Raisonnable 64John Dilkes
Veteran 64Sir Archibald Collingwood Dickson


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