Battle of Tendra

8th September 1790 - 9th September 1790
Part of : Russo-Turkish War (1787 - 1792)
Previous action : Battle of Kerch Strait 19th July 1790
Next action : Battle of Kaliakria 11th August 1791



Russian Fleet, Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Rozhdestrvo Khristovo 80 
Sviatoi Vladimir 66 
Sviatoi Pavel 66 
Preobrazhenie Gospodne 66 
Mariia Magdalina -> 1799 Mariia Magdalina Pervaia 66 
Sviatoi Georgy Pobedonosets 50 
Apostolov Andrei 50 
Alexander Nevskii 50 
Pyotr Apostol 46 
Ioann Bogoslov 46 
Ioann Voinstvennik 44 
Amvrosii Mediolanskii 44 
Kiriil Belozerskiy 44 
Sviatoi Ieronim 30 
Polrov Bogoroditsy 28 
Prepodobnyi Nestor 30 
Rozhdestvo Bogoroditsy 4 

Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Fleet, Küçük Hüseyin Pasha
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Bahr-i Zafer 72 Fleet Flagship
Feyz-i Hüda 72 Squadron Flagship
Melikü’l Bahr 70 Squadron Flagship Sunk
Mansuriye 62 Squadron Flagship Burnt
Anka-yı Bahri 66 
Peleng-i Bahri 62  Captured
Fethü'l Fettah 62 
Mesudiye 62 
Nüvid-i Fütuh 62 
Tevfikü’llah 62 
Hifz-i Huda 62 
Inayet-i Hakk 54 
Cedid-i Midilli 52 
Bed-i Nusret 52 
Burc-i Zafer 50 
Şehbaz-ı Bahri 50 
Raad-ı Bahri 22 
Berk-i Bahri 22 
Berk-i Hafiz 22 
Şihab-ı Sakib 22 
Cedid Bomba 22 
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes

Notes on Action

Ottoman Fleet ListNWF
The list of vessels for the Ottoman fleet is based on the latest research carried out by Emir Yenir and his collegue Levent Düzcü in the Ottoman Archives. Partially based on "Document ID: Cevdet Bahriye 2517; Document Date: 15 Ramazan 1204 (29 May 1790)". Which is an inspection list of the Ottoman ships sent to Black Sea and the Mediterranean for the 1790 campaign year.

This information was diseminated via the Naval Warfare Forum (see the sources lists for a link)


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