Sir Thomas Dilkes

First Known Service1657/04/29 
Date of Death1706/12/17CSORN

Event History

Date fromDate toEventSource
Appointed Knight Batchelor,   
Lieutenant, 1687/04/29CSORN
Captain, 1689/04/08CSORN
1689/04/08 Charles As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
16911694Adventure As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
1692/05/29 Battle of BarfleurBWAS-1603
16941695Dunkirk As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
1694/10/171698Rupert As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
1696 Cumberland As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
1699 Bridgewater As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
16991699/07Winchester As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1603
17021703/03Somerset As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1714
1702/10/12 Battle of VigoBWAS-1714
Rear-Admiral of the White, 1703/03/01CSORN
1703/071704Kent As Flag OfficerTRN2
1704/03/12 Commanded the English Squadron at the Action of 1704-03-12
1704/08/13 Battle of MalagaTRN2
17051705/09Association As Flag OfficerBWAS-1603
17051707Revenge -> 1711 Buckingham As Flag OfficerBWAS-1714
Rear-Admiral of the Red, 1705/01/13CSORN
1705/03/10 Battle of MarbellaCSORN


CSORN Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal NavyDavid Bonner SmithWeb Site
BWAS-1603 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714Rif WinfieldBook
BWAS-1714 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif WinfieldBook
TRN2 The Royal Navy : a history from the earliest times to the present Vol IIWilliam Laid ClowesDigital Book
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Posted by Chris Hunt on Tuesday 14th of February 2017 13:16

According to Biographica Navalis, Vol 2, page 245 (I can't link to it, but it's on archive dot org), Dilkes also commanded the Restoration and the Bredah in the 1690's

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