John Hayes

First Known Service1763/10/07 
Last Known Service1863/10/07 

Event History

Date fromDate toEventSource
Lieutenant, 1793/10/07NBD1849
17981799Lark As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
Commander, 1799/03/01NBD1849
1799/03/011799/04Rattler As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1799/061801/05Swallow As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1802/031802/04/29Tisiphone As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1714
Captain, 1802/04/29NBD1849
1802/04/291804Bordelais As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1802/071803/06Circe As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1714
1805/061807/04Bombay -> 1808 Ceylon As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1808/121809/02Valiant As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1809/051811/08Alfred As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1714
1809/091810/12Freya As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1809/12/131809/12/18Actions of December 1809BWAS-1793
1812/071812/09Magnificent As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1813 Maida As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1793
1813/011815/07Majestic As Commanding OfficerBWAS-1714


NBD1849 A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849O'BrienDigital Book
BWAS-1793 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793 - 1817Rif WinfieldBook
BWAS-1714 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif WinfieldBook
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Posted by Tom Spinks on Sunday 29th of January 2017 00:40

During a storm while acting as (temporary) Captain of the Magnificent in December 1812, he performed an extraordinary feat of coolness, instructing his men to carry out a skilful piece of seamanship which saved the vessel and crew from almost certain wreck (and death) while anchored (within firing range of the enemy!) in the Basque Roads, Western France. He was henceforth nicknamed in the Navy "Magnificent Hayes"!

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