List of Contributors to Three Decks

Threedecks started out as a one-man project to provide the data we had stored on the original 3decks site into a more accessible form. It has since expanded to be a multi-editor site with people from all over the world contributing.

Of course there are numerous people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for their unending assistance and time helping with our research. This list however is just of those who contribute directly.

This page gives some details of the people behind the data you see. There are others, but they prefer to keep their light under a bushel. They are however no less important to the project.

If you want to help us in our endeavours, email me with your details, your areas of interest and how you think you can best contribute and you could be added to this list.


British - 55 years old - Mainly interested in collating as much data about ships and their crews as possible.

I'm the guy to blame for the whole thing.

French - 49 years old - I'm a naval wargamer and I'm interested in collating the most accurate data about ships and their crews from 1660 to 1815.

My way to contribute is to work from a battle to an other.


Australian. My contribution so far has been to the Ottoman section reviewing, revising and adding to ship data and orders of battle for the period 1770 to 1807. I have now started work on pre-1770 Ottoman data.

Andrea Nardon

Italy-27 years old. I'm a great lover of sailing ships, my contribution is to search informations on shipbuilding data and weaponry, to improve the best database in the world.

RégisNot Provided

Interested in French Privateers :  ??? are mine

So if you have others datas , write on the page with the link


PhD in Canadian-American History with special interest in the eighteenth-century colonial wars in North America.

I run a day-by-day Twitter feed of the Seven Years' War:

GrammontNot Provided

British - 58 years old - sucker for any sort of list, particularly if the crew get a mention, as though the officers get the limelight, they could not have achieved what they did without an awful lot of help