Surveyor of the Navy - British

Extant from : 1546/04/24 until 1832

A member of the Navy Board

Throughout the period 1660-1832 the members of the Navy Board were known both singly and collectively as Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy. Until 1796 the Board was usually composed of officials of theoretically equal standing, some of whom supervised the conduct of specific areas of business, and some of whom, known as Extra Commissioners or Commissioners at Large, performed general duties. In 1660 the Board was composed of a Controller, a Surveyor, a Clerk of the Acts and two Extra Commissioners.  From then until 1686 its composition changed regularly and the number of its members fluctuated between five and ten. The Controller, Surveyor and Clerk of the Acts were permanent members.

'Principal officers and commissioners', in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 7, Navy Board Officials 1660-1832, ed. J M Collinge (London, 1978), pp. 18-25. British History Online [accessed 14 July 2016].


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1546/04/241549/06 Benjamin Gonson (1525-1577)E-WIKI
1549/06/281589/02/20 William Wynter (1525-1589)NRS157
1589/07/111598/12/20 Henry Palmer (c.1550-1611)E-WIKI
1598/12/201611 John Trevor (1563-1629/30)HPO
16111619Sir Richard Bingley (d.1626)E-WIKI
16191625 Thomas Norreys (d.1625)E-WIKI
16251628 Joshua Downing (c.1580-c.1629)E-WIKI
16281632Sir Thomas Aylesbury (1st Baronet) (1576-1657)E-WIKI
1638/09/261649/02/16 William Batten (c.1600-1667)E-WIKI
1649/02/161652 John HollondW022
1660/06/201667/10/05Sir William Batten (c.1600-1667)E-WIKI
1699/09/221715 Daniel Furzer (d.1715)ref:628
1715/04/061749/03 Jacob Ackworth (c.1668-1748/49)BWAS-1714
1745/07/111755/08 Joseph Allin (d.1759)BWAS-1714
1755/081765/06 William Bately (Deptford Dockyard)BWAS-1714
1755/08/061771/02/22 Thomas Slade (1703-1771)BWAS-1714
1765/061784/12 John Williams (1700-?) (Deptford Dockyard)BWAS-1714
1778/04/111786/12 Edward Hunt (d.bef.1787)BWAS-1714
1784/121806 John Henslow (1730-1815)BWAS-1714
1793/02/111813 William Rule (d.1816)E-WIKI
1806/06/181813 Henry Peake (1753-1825)E-WIKI
1813/06/141831/03/01 Joseph Tucker (c.1760-1831)E-WIKI
1813/06/141832/06/09 Robert Seppings (1767-1840)E-WIKI