Préfet Maritime, Brest - Brittany - French

Extant from : 1800/04/27

The Préfet Maritime is a servant of the French State who exercises authority over the sea in one particular region (a Préfecture maritime).

The dignity was created in 1800 to unify the command of harbours (civil administrator) and the command of the Navy (Admiral).


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Date fromDate toHolderSource
1810/101811 Alain Joseph Dordelin (Comte de l'Empire) (1764-1826)FWIKI
1813/02/261813/12 François Joseph Bouvet de Précourt (1753-1832)ref:631
1814/061815/04/09 Charles René Louis de Bernard de Marigny (Vicomte de Marigny) (1740-1816)FWIKI
1815/04/101815/07/19 Julien Marie Cosmao-Kerjulien (1761-1825)FWIKI
1827/011830/01Chevalier Victor Guy Duperré (Baron d'Empire) (1775-1846)FWIKI

Other Préfet Maritime locations

Amsterdam, Genoa, Liguria, Lorient, Rochefort, Toulon,