Commissioner of the Sick and Hurt board - British

Extant from : 1653 until 1806

Responsible for medical services to the Royal Navy, also known as the Sick and Hurt Board, but formally and fully titled The Commissioners for taking Care of Sick and Wounded Seamen and for the Care and Treatment of Prisoners of War.

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Date fromDate toHolderSource
17361736/09/30Kendrick Edisbury (d.bef.1736) ADM 6/15/36ADM 6/15
1736/09/301741/03/06Francis Gashry ADM 6/15/36ADM 6/15
1740/07/16 Nathaniel Hill ADM 6/15/311ADM 6/15
1741/03/07 William Bell ADM 6/15/396ADM 6/15
1741/03/07 Nathaniel Hills ADM 6/15/397ADM 6/15
1741/03/07 Charles Allix ADM 6/15/397ADM 6/15
1745/05/07 Tyrwit Cyley (d.1751) ADM 6/16/474ADM 6/16
1747/12/18 Esquire Carey ADM 6/17/299ADM 6/17
1755/04/17 Charles Allix ADM 6/18/156ADM 6/18
1756/07/15 Henry Tom ADM 6/18/292ADM 6/18
1771/03/06 John Hume ADM 6/20/355ADM 6/20
1779/05/231795/07/28Robert Lulman (d.1802)SCHOMB