Commissioner of the Victualling Board - British

Extant from : 1683 until 1832

The Commissioners for the Victualling of the Navy, often called the Victualling Commissioners or Victualling Board, was the body responsible under the Navy Board for victualling ships of the British Royal Navy. It oversaw the vast operation of providing naval personnel (140,000 men in 1810) with enough food, drink and supplies to keep them fighting fit, sometimes for months at a time, in whatever part of the globe they might be stationed.

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Date fromDate toHolderSource
16831686Sir Richard Haddock (1629-1714/15)CSORN
1702/02/06 William Wright (d.1735)ADM 6/7
1705/021711/05Thomas Harlow (d.1741)ref:1059
1740/051744/06Thomas Trefusis (1687-1754)HPO
1746/09/13 John Russell ADM 6/17/151ADM 6/17
1761/03/24 John Rule ADM 6/19/301ADM 6/19
1762/07/10c.1775/02Robert Pett (d.c.1775)ref:604
1768/02/19 Thomas Colby jun. (d.1781) ADM 6/20/195ADM 6/20
17771787/10James Kirk (c.1721-1787)TNC
1781/01/01 William Lance ADM 6/22/220ADM 6/22
1784/10/021817/09George Phillips Towry (c.1729-1817)NMM
17871793Samuel Marshall (1741-1795)ref:676