Governor - British

A governor is an official appointed to appointed to act as as representatives in a locale.

On Threedecks this role encompasses those officials variously title 'Governor', 'Lieutenant-Governor', 'Deputy-Governor', 'Acting-Governor' etc.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
UnknownUnknownJohn Vaughan (1639-1712/13) (Jamaica)EWIKI
16491650John Moore (1599-1650) (Dublin)EWIKI
1664/091668Richard Nicholls (1624-1672) (New York)EWIKI
16741675Henry Morgan (1635-1688) (Jamaica)EWIKI
16781678Henry Morgan (1635-1688) (Jamaica)EWIKI
16801682Henry Morgan (1635-1688) (Jamaica)EWIKI
16891699Lord Thomas Osborne (1st Marquess of Carmarthen) (1623-1712) (Kingston upon Hull)EWIKI
17111716Archibald Hamilton (c.1673-1754) (Jamaica)EWIKI
17181718George Forbes (1685-1765) (Minorca)ODNB
17291731George Forbes (1685-1765) (Leeward Islands)HPO
1729/05/141730Henry Osborne (1694-1771) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
17311737The Hon. George Clinton (1686-1761) (Newfoundland)HPO
1733/04/051734Lord Robert MacCarthy (Viscount Muskerry) (1685-1769) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1733/06/261754Richard Hughes (1670-1756) (Royal Naval Academy) ADM 6/14/147ADM 6/14
17401741Lord George Graham (1715-1746/47) (Newfoundland)HPO
1742/06/16 The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1743/091753The Hon. George Clinton (1686-1761) (New York)EWIKI
17441744Charles Hardy (1716-1780) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
17531754Hugh Bonfoy (c.1715-1762) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
17551757Sir Charles Hardy (1716-1780) (New York)EWIKI
17571759Richard Edwards (1715-1795) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
17611764Thomas Graves (1725-1802) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1762/101765William Brereton (1728-1800) (Manila)ref:676
17631766George Johnston (1730-1787) (West Florida)EWIKI
17651769Hugh Palliser (1721/22-1796) (Newfoundland)HPO
17661770Lord Harry Powlett (6th Duke of Bolton) (1720-1794) (Isle of Wight)ODNB
1766/071773/10Lord William Campbell (1730-1778) (Nova Scotia)ref:572
17671768John Macbride (c.1735-1800) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
17671772/12/11Sir William Trelawny (c.1722-1772) (Jamaica)HPO
17681769John Raynor (c.1730-1784) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
17691770Anthony Hunt (c.1734-1796) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
1769/04/021769/05/02John Eliot (1742-1769) (West Florida)EWIKI
17701770George Farmer (c.1732-1779) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
17711772John Burr (c.1725-1776) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
17721774Molyneaux Shuldham (1717-1798) (Newfoundland)HPO
17731776Samuel Wittewronge Clayton (1734-1795) (Falkland Islands)EWIKI
1773/08/25 James Gambier (1723-1789) (Royal Naval Academy) ADM 6/20/528ADM 6/20
1774/011777/11/15Sir Basil Keith (c.1734-1777) (Jamaica)NMM
1775/06/181775/09/15Lord William Campbell (1730-1778) (South Carolina)ref:572
1776/04/261778/06Marriot Arbuthnot (1711-1794) (Nova Scotia)ODNB
17791781Richard Edwards (1715-1795) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1780/11/06 Henry Martin (1733-1794) (Royal Naval Academy) ADM 6/22/193ADM 6/22
17821791Lord Harry Powlett (6th Duke of Bolton) (1720-1794) (Isle of Wight)ODNB
1789/04/101791Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1792/04/111793Sir Richard King (1st Baronet of Bellevue) (1730-1806) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
18021802/08/20Henry Folkes Edgell (1767-1846) (Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon)
1803/03/201804Richard Longfield Davies (Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon)
18061810William Bligh (1754-1817) (New South Wales)ref:616
18081829/12 Charles Brisbane (1769-1829) (Saint Vincent)ref:616
1808/07/211810/02/12Thomas Perronet Thompson (1783-1869) (Sierra Leone)EWIKI
18101812 John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817) (Newfoundland)WWNH
1810/02/121811/06/18Edward Henry Columbine (1763-1811) (Sierra Leone)ODNB
18151815David Buchan (1780-1838) (Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon)
1818/011819/11Adam Cuppage (1792-?) (Ascension)NBD1849
18251834 Thomas John Cochrane (1789-1872) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1847/011851/10Frederick Hutton (1801-1866) (Ascension)W025