Governor, Royal Naval Academy - Portsmouth - British

A governor is an official appointed to appointed to act as as representatives in a locale.

On Threedecks this role encompasses those officials variously title 'Governor', 'Lieutenant-Governor', 'Deputy-Governor', 'Acting-Governor' etc.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1733/06/261754 Richard Hughes (1670-1756) ADM 6/14/147ADM 6/14
1773/08/25  James Gambier (1723-1789) ADM 6/20/528ADM 6/20
1780/11/06  Henry Martin (1733-1794) ADM 6/22/193ADM 6/22

Other Governor locations

Ascension, Dublin, Falkland Islands, Isle of Wight, Jamaica, Kingston upon Hull, Leeward Islands, Manila, Minorca, New South Wales, New York, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Saint Vincent, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Sierra Leone, South Carolina, West Florida,