Governor, Falkland Islands - South Atlantic Ocean - British

A governor is an official appointed to appointed to act as as representatives in a locale.

On Threedecks this role encompasses those officials variously title 'Governor', 'Lieutenant-Governor', 'Deputy-Governor', 'Acting-Governor' etc.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
17671768 John Macbride (c.1735-1800)E-WIKI
17681769 John Raynor (c.1730-1784)E-WIKI
17691770 Anthony Hunt (c.1734-1796)E-WIKI
17701770 George Farmer (c.1732-1779)E-WIKI
17711772 John Burr (c.1725-1776)E-WIKI
17731776 Samuel Wittewronge Clayton (1734-1795)E-WIKI

Other Governor locations

Ascension, Dublin, Isle of Wight, Jamaica, Kingston upon Hull, Leeward Islands, Manila, Minorca, New South Wales, New York, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Royal Naval Academy, Saint Vincent, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Sierra Leone, South Carolina, West Florida,