Clerk of the Cheque, Gibraltar - Iberian Peninsula - British

Responsible for mustered the workmen, looked after expenses and kept accounts of earnings at Royal Navy Dockyards.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1727/09/071728/10/24Daniel Furzer (d.bef.1730) ADM 6/13/159ADM 6/13
1728/11/011731/01/27John Cook (d.bef.1730/31) ADM 6/14/5ADM 6/14
1731/01/281739/09/17Henry Hagie (d.bef.1739) ADM 6/14/65ADM 6/14
1742/04/081745/07/12Richard Larking ADM 6/16/43ADM 6/16
1745/07/121747/06/12John Russell ADM 6/16/510ADM 6/16
1747/06/121756/09/01Henry Blanckley ADM 6/17/237ADM 6/19
1756/09/011761/01/16John Lillicrap (d.bef.1761) ADM 6/18/306ADM 6/18
1761/01/16 Samuel More ADM 6/19/246ADM 6/19
1764/11/031773/04/10Henry Blanckley ADM 6/20/56ADM 6/20
1773/04/101781/04/23Jacob Pownoll ADM 6/20/487ADM 6/20
1781/04/231785/08/03Daniel Tassell ADM 6/22/278ADM 6/22
1785/08/03 Henry Loftus Hodson ADM 6/23/292ADM 6/23

Other Clerk of the Cheque locations

Chatham Dockyard, Deptford Dockyard, Harwich Dockyard, Lisboa, Plymouth Dockyard, Port Mahon, Portsmouth Dockyard, Sheerness Dockyard, Woolwich Dockyard,