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Quarterman, Pater Yard - Pembroke Dock - British

Last used : 1822

A Royal Navy dockyard officer, acting as a 'leader', or foreman, of a gang of workers. In 1696 the Navy Board directed the employment of one Quarterman for every twenty shipwrights and caulkers. In 1816 ths was increased to 30.

The term "Quarterman" was derived from the practice of dividing the work on a ship's construction into quarters-port bow, starboard bow, port quarter and starboard quarter.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
William KempBritish
Dockyard Staff
Service 1807-1822
ADM 29/8
Isaac ColeBritish
Dockyard Staff
Service 1791-1822
ADM 29/8

Other Quarterman locations

Chatham Dockyard, Deptford Dockyard, Halifax Dockyard, Kingston Dockyard, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth Dockyard, Sheerness Dockyard, Woolwich Dockyard,