Master Smith - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
1723/04/061726/08/22John Vaughan (bef.1736-?) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/52ADM 6/13
1723/04/061727/08/24Thomas Dudley (d.bef.1746) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/13/52ADM 6/13
1723/04/061747/11/14John Dalton (d.1747) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/13/52ADM 6/13
1726/08/231727/08/24John Vaughan (bef.1736-?) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/119ADM 6/13
1726/08/231727/08/24John Bowles (d.bef.1747) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/119ADM 6/13
1726/08/231727/08/24Thomas Bass (d.bef.1737/38) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/119ADM 6/13
1727/06/221727/09/16Will Reeve (d.bef.1727) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/13/145ADM 6/13
1727/08/251736/06/22John Vaughan (bef.1736-?) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251738/03/20Thomas Bass (d.bef.1737/38) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/159

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251746/06/14Thomas Dudley (d.bef.1746) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251747/05/27John Bowles (d.bef.1747) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/157

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/09/161731/05/13William Johnson (d.bef.1731) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/13/167ADM 6/13
1731/05/131732/02/09Robert Smith (d.bef.1731/32) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/14/75ADM 6/14
1732/02/091751/01/16William Ward (d.1750/51) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/14/100ADM 6/14
1736/06/221756/04/02Edward Masters (d.bef.1756) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/15/22ADM 6/15
1738/03/201738/11/19John Bowles (d.bef.1738) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/15/102ADM 6/15
1738/11/191746/06/13Thomas Hammond (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/15/151ADM 6/15
1746/06/141763/11/23Thomas Hammond (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/17/116

Thomas Hammond, Master Blacksmith at Chatham informs us he has belonged to the Service nearly 41 years, is now infirm and incapable of further service and asks to be superannuated. Opine his petition is true and he is a proper object for superannuation. The Master Smiths in the Yards need to be well acquainted with anchor work and recommend he is succeeded by James Kincade a Master Smith at Woolwich and his vacancy may be filled by one of William James from Deptford, Francis Ansell at Portsmouth or William Lymyn at Plymouth, all of whom are now Foremen

ADM 6/17
1746/06/141768/06/01Thomas Vaughan (d.1772) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/116


ADM 6/17
1747/05/271747/11/14John Dalton jun. (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/17/229ADM 6/19
1747/11/14 John Dalton jun. (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/17/283ADM 6/17
1747/11/141759/03/26Joseph Rippington (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/17/283

Opine that Joseph Rippington, Master Smith at Woolwich, deserves to be superannuated at £52.10s per annum as was awarded the Master Boatbuilder at Portsmouth. Recommend James Kincade, first Foreman to the smiths at Deptford, to succeed him

ADM 6/17
1751/01/251771/01/16Benjamin Graves (d.1771) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/343ADM 6/20
1756/04/021774/06/21David Thurston (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/18/252


ADM 6/18
1759/03/261763/11/23James Kincade (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/19/551ADM 6/19
1763/11/23 James Kincade (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/19/551ADM 6/19
1763/11/231775/04/20William James (d.1775) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/19/551ADM 6/19
1768/06/01 William Lymyn (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/20/205ADM 6/20
1771/01/241774/06/21James Badcock (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/343ADM 6/20
1774/06/21 James Badcock (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/21/36ADM 6/21
1774/07/05 Francis Ansel (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/21/37ADM 6/21
1775/04/281779/03/26George Vernon (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/21/90

Dismissed for "irregularities and abuses"

ADM 6/21
1779/03/26 Thomas James (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/21/532ADM 6/21