Comptroller of the Navy - British

Extant from : 1660 until 1832

A member of the Navy Board

Throughout the period 1660-1832 the members of the Navy Board were known both singly and collectively as Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy. Until 1796 the Board was usually composed of officials of theoretically equal standing, some of whom supervised the conduct of specific areas of business, and some of whom, known as Extra Commissioners or Commissioners at Large, performed general duties. In 1660 the Board was composed of a Controller, a Surveyor, a Clerk of the Acts and two Extra Commissioners.  From then until 1686 its composition changed regularly and the number of its members fluctuated between five and ten. The Controller, Surveyor and Clerk of the Acts were permanent members.

'Principal officers and commissioners', in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 7, Navy Board Officials 1660-1832, ed. J M Collinge (London, 1978), pp. 18-25. British History Online [accessed 14 July 2016].


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1544/01/201546/04/24Robert Legge (d.1548)NRS157
1546/04/241562Richard Broke (d.1562)NRS157
15801598William Burough (1536-1599)E-WIKI
1598/12/201611/11/20Henry Palmer (c.1550-1611)E-WIKI
16321641Henry Palmer (1582-1644)E-WIKI
16411642George Carteret (1609-1679/80)HPO
1660/081661/10/26Sir Robert Slingsby (1st Baronet Slingsby of Newcells) (1611-1661)ODNB
1661/11/281671John Mennes (d.1671)W025
1671/05/151680Sir Thomas Allin (1612-1685)W025
16801682Thomas HayterW022
1682/02/021686Sir Richard Haddock (1629-1714/15)W025
1688/10/121715/01/26Sir Richard Haddock (1629-1714/15)W025
1715/03/161718/03/16Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743)W025
1718/04/231723/01/17Thomas Swanton (d.1722/23)OHMB7
1723/02/091734/03/12James Mighells (1667-1733/34)OHMB7
1734/04/271749/03Richard Haddock (c.1674-1749/50)OHMB7
1749/03/271755/02Savage Mostyn (1713-1757)OHMB7
1755/02/281755/11/25Edward Falkingham (c.1679-1757)OHMB7
1755/11/251756/06/24Charles Saunders (1713-1775)OHMB7
1756/06/241756/12/29Digby Dent (1710-1761)OHMB7
1756/12/291770/08/06George Cockburne (c.1717-1770)OHMB7
1770/08/061775/04/12Hugh Palliser (1721/22-1796)OHMB7
1775/04/121778/07/17Maurice Suckling (1726-1778)OHMB7
1778/08/071790/03/29Charles Middleton (1726-1813)OHMB7
1790/03/291794/08/01Henry Martin (1733-1794)OHMB7
1794/09/251806/03/03Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1st Baronet of Holly Grove) (1738-1828)OHMB7
1806/03/031806/06/20Henry NichollsOHMB7
1806/06/201816/02/24Sir Thomas Boulden Thompson (1766-1828)OHMB7
1816/02/241831/11/02Sir Thomas Byam Martin (1773-1854)OHMB7
1831/11/021832George Heneage Laurence DundasODNB
1861/02/071871/02/14Robert Spencer Robinson (1809-1880)W025