Commander-in-Chief - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
16551655William Penn (d.1670) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16551657William Goodson (1610-1680) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16561657Christopher Myngs (d.1666) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16621664Christopher Myngs (d.1666) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16631663Thomas Whetstone (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16691669Henry Morgan (1635-1688) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
16921692Sir Francis Wheler (d.1693/94) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1695/01/091695/09Robert Wilmot (d.1695) (West Indies)ADM 6/3
1695/01/151695/01/25Richard Short (Plymouth)ADM 6/3
1695/01/161695/02/05John Graydon (c.1666-1725/26) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/3
1695/02/161695/04/10James Wishart (d.1723) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/3
1695/08/01 Sir George Rooke (1650-1708/9) (The Mediterranean Sea)ADM 6/3
1695/08/161695/08/31Stafford Fairborne (d.1716) (Thames)ADM 6/3
1696/01/071696/01/17Stafford Fairborne (d.1716) (The Downs)ADM 6/3
1696/04/071696/04/15James Gother (d.1697) (Thames)ADM 6/3
1696/05/05 John Benbow (1652/53-1702) (Dunkirk)

... "to be Commander in chief of his Majesties ships employed before Dunkirke, to continue in force during the current expedition."

ADM 6/3
1696/05/12 Thomas Warren (d.1699) (West Indies)

... "to be Commander in Chief of his majesties ships going to ye West Indies; to continue in force during his being on this service."

ADM 6/3
1696/10/031696/10/12John Neville (d.1697) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/4
1696/11/021697/08/27John Neville (d.1697) (The Mediterranean Sea)ADM 6/4
1696/11/051696/11/15William Cross (d.1746) (Plymouth)ADM 6/4
1697/02/031697/07/20George Mees (d.1697) (West Indies)ADM 6/4
1698/02/161699/01David Greenhill (d.1716) (Plymouth)ADM 6/5
1698/03/011698/07/13Henry Haughton (d.1703) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/5
1698/03/16 John Benbow (1652/53-1702) (West Indies)ADM 6/5
1698/12/061698/12/15Thomas Warren (d.1699) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/5
1699/01/201699/02/08Richard Clarke (Plymouth)ADM 6/5
1699/02/221699/03/18Basil Beaumont (1669-1703) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/5
17021702/11/04John Benbow (1652/53-1702) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17031705William Whetstone (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1703/02/191703/10John Graydon (c.1666-1725/26) (West Indies)ADM 6/7
1703/09/171703/10/01James Wishart (d.1723) (Portsmouth)ADM 6/8
1705/02/17 William Whetstone (West Indies)

ADM 6/8/152

ADM 6/8
1705/12/211706/01/17Christopher Myngs (Portsmouth)ADM 6/8
17061706William Kerr (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17071709Charles Wager (1666-1743) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1707/12/091707/12/21John Evans (d.1723/24) (Plymouth) ADM 6/9/108ADM 6/9
1707/12/271708/01/08Gerard Ellwes (The Downs) ADM 6/9/114ADM 6/9
1708/05/011708/05/15Edward Owen (d.1708) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/9/160ADM 6/9
1709/01/12 John Baker (1660-1716) (West Indies) ADM 6/10/25ADM 6/10
1709/01/12 John Baker (1660-1716) (West Indies)ADM 6/10
1709/02/081709/02/19Thomas Stepney (Portsmouth) ADM 6/10/31ADM 6/10
1709/04/20 James Littleton (1668-1722/23) (West Indies) ADM 6/10/55ADM 6/10
1709/04/241709/06/08Gerard Ellwes (Thames) ADM 6/9/157ADM 6/9
1709/06/031709/06/14Jasper Hicks (d.1714) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/10/66ADM 6/10
1709/06/09 Gerard Ellwes (Thames) ADM 6/9/169ADM 6/86
1709/07/131709/08/02John Baker (1660-1716) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/10/76ADM 6/10
1709/09/091709/09/28John Hubbard (d.1723) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/10/88ADM 6/10
1709/10/111710Sir John Norris (1670-1749) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/10/94ADM 6/10
1710/01/04 Jonathan Spann (c.1661-1712) (Jamaica) ADM 6/11/18ADM 6/11
1710/11/131711Sir John Jennings (1664-1743) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/11/81ADM 6/11
1711/01/171711/01/28James Moody (d.1724) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/11/95ADM 6/11
1711/01/191711/01/28Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/11/95ADM 6/11
1711/01/291712/02/01John Mitchell (Portsmouth) ADM 6/11/190ADM 6/11
1711/03/17 Gerard Ellwes (Plymouth) ADM 6/11/122ADM 6/11
1711/11/021712/04/04Sir Thomas Hardy (1666-1732) (Plymouth) ADM 6/11/174ADM 6/11
1711/12/011711/12/20Tudor Trevor (d.1739/40) (The Downs) ADM 6/11/173ADM 6/11
17121712James Littleton (1668-1722/23) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1712/02/021712/02/17Thomas Liell (Portsmouth) ADM 6/11/191ADM 6/11
1712/02/18 Salmon Morrice (d.1741) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/11/194ADM 6/11
1712/03/14 Sir Hovenden Walker (1666-1725) (Jamaica) ADM 6/11/199ADM 6/11
1712/09/09 Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743) (The Downs) ADM 6/11/223ADM 6/11
1713/12/081714Sir James Wishart (d.1723) (The Mediterranean Sea)ADM 6/11
1714/09/201714/10/13Robert Arris (d.1719/20) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/11/298ADM 6/11
1714/10/131714/11/02Samuel Vincent (d.1719) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/11/299ADM 6/11
1714/12/031714/12/22Robert Arris (d.1719/20) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/12/8ADM 6/12
1715/02/18 John Baker (1660-1716) (The Mediterranean Sea)ADM 6/12
1715/03/05 Sir John Norris (1670-1749) (English Channel) ADM 6/12/31ADM 6/12
1716/06/151716/06/26Philip Cavendish (d.1743) (The Downs) ADM 6/12/71ADM 6/12
1716/09/14 Bartholomew Candler (d.1722) (Jamaica) ADM 6/12/77ADM 6/12
1716/101717Charles Cornewall (1669-1718) (The Mediterranean Sea)ODNB
1716/10/261716/11/08John Balchen (1669/70-1744) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/12/79ADM 6/12
1717/11/121717/12/01William Caldwell (d.1718) (Thames)ADM 6/12
1719/05/181720Edward Vernon (1684-1757) (Jamaica) ADM 6/12/171ADM 6/12
1720/11/08 Thomas Mathews (1676-1750) (East Indies) ADM 6/12/216ADM 6/12
1725/02/021725/09/13Thomas Scott (d.1725) (Jamaica) ADM 6/13/85ADM 6/13
1727/11 Thomas Gordon (c.1658-1740/41) (Kronshtadt)EWIKI
1727/12/16 Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) (Jamaica) ADM 6/13/185ADM 6/13
1727/12/161728/03/14Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) (Jamaica) ADM 6/13/185ADM 6/13
17281728Edward Hopson (1671-1728) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1728/03/151729Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) (Jamaica) ADM 6/13/199ADM 6/13
17291729William Smith (c.1674-1756) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17291729William Smith (d.1756) (Jamaica)EWIKI
1729/06/201730The Hon. Charles Stewart (1681-1740/41) (Jamaica) ADM 6/14/30ADM 6/14
1732/01/291732/02/20Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/14/100ADM 6/14
1732/02/21 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) (Jamaica) ADM 6/14/102ADM 6/14
1732/05/05 Edward Falkingham (c.1679-1757) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1732/06/151735Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) (Jamaica) ADM 6/14/112HPO
1733/07/311733/08/06Robert Trevor (d.1741) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/14/150ADM 6/21
1734/12/131737/08/19Digby Dent (d.1737) (Jamaica) ADM 6/14/199HJ-DB
1737/04/07 The Hon. George Clinton (1686-1761) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/15/57ADM 6/15
1737/12/091738Charles Browne (c.1678-1753) (Jamaica) ADM 6/15/85ADM 6/15
1738/05/04 Nicholas Haddock (1686-1746) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/15/114ADM 6/15
1738/09/12 Philip Cavendish (d.1743) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/145ADM 6/15
17391742Edward Vernon (1684-1757) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1739/02/021739/02/12Robert Coleman (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/159ADM 6/15
1740/09/191740/11/15Philip Cavendish (d.1743) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/345ADM 6/15
17411742/04Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1741/06/151741/06/24Philip Cavendish (d.1743) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/428ADM 6/15
1741/07/10 Richard Hughes (1708-1779) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/434ADM 6/15
1741/07/241741/09/26Charles Browne (c.1678-1753) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/15/438ADM 6/15
1741/11/16 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/15/478ADM 6/15
1741/12/011741/12/07Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/15/485ADM 6/15
1742/03/25 Thomas Mathews (1676-1750) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/16/34ADM 6/16
1742/05/25 Philip Cavendish (d.1743) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/16/60

Not time limited

ADM 6/16
1742/07/061742/07/16Sir Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/73ADM 6/16
1742/09/071742/09/16James Stewart (c.1678-1757) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/16/95ADM 6/16
1742/12/02 Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) (Jamaica) ADM 6/16/120ADM 6/16
17431743Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) (Newfoundland)EWIKI
1743/01/031743/01/28Christopher O'Brien (d.1743/44) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/132

Renewed 18.1.1743/44

ADM 6/16
1743/01/111743/04/28Sir Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/16/134ADM 6/16
1743/04/281743/12/15James Stewart (c.1678-1757) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/16/174ADM 6/16
1743/05/051744/04/21Sir Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/177ADM 6/16
1743/10/03 Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) (Jamaica) ADM 6/16/223ADM 6/16
1743/12/07 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/16/247ADM 6/16
1743/12/221744/02/11Thomas Davers (1689-1746) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/16/252ADM 6/21
17441746Curtis Barnet (d.1746) (East Indies)
1744/04/221744/10/27William Davies (d.1759) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/197ADM 6/16
1744/05/291746/09/16Thomas Davers (1689-1746) (Jamaica) ADM 6/16/311

Renewed 19.6.1744 as Vice-Admiral of the White

1744/06/261745/07William Rowley (1690-1768) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/16/330ODNB
1744/07/14 Sir John Balchen (1669/70-1744) (English Channel) ADM 6/16/341ADM 6/16
1744/10/16 Peter Warren (1703-1752) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/16/362

Renewed 18.5.1745

ADM 6/16
1744/10/271744/12/01Isaac Townsend (1684-1765) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/376ADM 6/16
1744/11/02 George Pocock (1705/6-1792) (Plymouth) ADM 6/16/377ADM 6/16
1744/12/011745/04/28Charles Cotterel (d.1754) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/396ADM 6/16
1745/02/20 The Hon. Fitzroy Henry Lee (d.1751) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/16/445ADM 6/16
1745/04/291745/05/20George Anson (1697-1762) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/472ADM 6/16
1745/05/201745/06/16Charles Cotterel (d.1754) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/481ADM 6/16
1745/06/171745/09/05Perry Mayne (c.1697-1761) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/493ADM 6/16
1745/07/271747/08/05Henry Medley (d.1747) (The Mediterranean Sea)ODNB
1745/09/051745/09/11Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/539ADM 6/16
1745/09/111746/02/01Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/16/542ADM 6/16
1746/01/091746/02/11The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) (North Sea) ADM 6/17/39ADM 6/17
1746/01/151748/07Thomas Griffin (1692-1771) (East Indies)ODNB
1746/02/111746/07/17The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/62ADM 6/17
1746/02/111747/01/12Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) (North Sea) ADM 6/17/61ADM 6/17
1746/04/291748Henry Osborne (1694-1771) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/96ADM 6/17
1746/07/181747/12/18Perry Mayne (c.1697-1761) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/120ADM 6/17
1746/07/311747/07/20George Anson (1697-1762) (English Channel) ADM 6/17/135ADM 6/17
1746/101747Cornelius Mitchell (d.1749) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1746/10/24 Edward Legge (d.1747) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/17/166ADM 6/17
17471747Digby Dent (1710-1761) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1747/01/12 John Towry (d.1757) (North Sea) ADM 6/17/99ADM 6/17
1747/06/061749Charles Knowles (1704-1777) (Jamaica) ADM 6/17/233

Recommissioned 12.9.1747. ADM 6/17/267.

ADM 6/19
1747/07/201748 Peter Warren (1703-1752) (English Channel) ADM 6/17/250ADM 6/17
1747/09/151748/08/08The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/17/268ODNB
1747/12/181748/02/27The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/298ADM 6/17
17481750The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (East Indies)
1748/01/191748/01/25Arthur Scott (d.1756) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/369ADM 6/17
1748/02/051748/12Henry Osborne (1694-1771) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/17/319ADM 6/17
1748/02/271748/06/03Temple West (1713-1757) (Ribadeo) ADM 6/17/325ADM 6/17
1748/03/121754William Lisle (d.1751/52) (East Indies) ADM 6/17/330EWIKI
1748/03/16 Charles Watson (1714-1757) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/17/332ADM 6/17
1748/06/031749/01/19The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/365ADM 6/17
1748/07/121748/12John Forbes (1714-1796) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/17/378ADM 6/17
1748/08/23 Savage Mostyn (1713-1757) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/17/376ADM 6/17
1748/10/28 Francis Holburne (1704-1771) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/17/396ADM 6/17
1748/11/041752The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769) (Jamaica) ADM 6/17/404HJ-DB
1749/03/111751Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/17/447ADM 6/17
1752/01/14 Thomas Coates (1712-1767) (Jamaica) ADM 6/18/21ADM 6/18
1752/021754Charles Saunders (1713-1775) (Newfoundland)ODNB
1752/03/281756Thomas Pye (1713-1785) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/18/29ADM 6/18
1752/08/19 George Edgcumbe (1720-1795) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/18/43ADM 6/18
17541757/08/16Charles Watson (1714-1757) (East Indies)EWIKI
1754/10/091755Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) (North America) ADM 6/18/112ADM 6/18
17551757/07The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17551756/06 Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) (English Channel)EWIKI
1755/01/30 Thomas Brodrick (1704-1769) (Jamaica) ADM 6/18/126ADM 6/18
1755/03/07 Charles Steevens (1705-1761) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/18/144ADM 6/18
1755/07/311757/10Thomas Frankland (1718-1781) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/18/185ODNB
1755/081757Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) (The Downs)EWIKI
1755/101755/11The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) (English Channel)ref:1186
17561757/04/30Henry Osborne (1694-1771) (Portsmouth)ODNB
1756/04/021756/07/03The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/18/252ADM 6/18
1756/12/031757/05Charles Saunders (1713-1775) (The Mediterranean Sea)W029
17571759George Pocock (1705/6-1792) (East Indies)EWIKI
1757/02/24 Francis Holburne (1704-1771) (North America) ADM 6/18/362ADM 6/18
1757/04/301760/04Henry Osborne (1694-1771) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/18/391ODNB
1757/05/05 John Moore (1717/18-1779) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/18/393ADM 6/18
1757/05/18 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (English Channel) ADM 6/18/400ADM 6/18
1757/071760Thomas Coates (1712-1767) (Jamaica)EWIKI
1757/07/031758/03 Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) (The Mediterranean Sea)ref:1186
1757/09/071758Francis Geary (1709-1796) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/18/436ADM 6/18
1757/121766Francis Holburne (1704-1771) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1757/12/29 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (North America) ADM 6/18/466ADM 6/18
1758/02/03 Charles Holmes (1711-1761) (Weser, Elbe and Ems) ADM 6/18/483ADM 6/18
1758/03/05  Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) (English Channel) ADM 6/18/491ADM 6/18
1758/05/13 Lord George Anson (1st Baron Anson) (1697-1762) (English Channel) ADM 6/18/512ADM 6/18
1758/12/21 Thomas Hanway (c.1715-1772) (Cork) ADM 6/19/16

Commodore of the ships "intended to be employed at Cork & the coast of Ireland for raising men for His Majesty's Fleet".

ADM 6/19
1759/03/16 William Boys (1700-1774) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/47ADM 6/19
1759/05/22 William Boys (1700-1774) (The Downs) ADM 6/19/67ADM 6/19
1759/05/29 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/19/51ADM 6/19
1759/08/31 Lachlan Leslie (d.1762) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/91ADM 6/19
1759/111762/10Lord Alexander Colville (7th Viscount Colville of Culross) (1717-1770) (North America)EWIKI
17601761Charles Steevens (1705-1761) (East Indies)EWIKI
1760/01/15 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) (English Channel) ADM 6/19/127ADM 6/19
1760/01/241761/11/20Charles Holmes (1711-1761) (Jamaica) ADM 6/19/131HPO
1760/02/18 Sir James Douglas (1703-1787) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/19/137ADM 6/19
1760/04/281763Charles Saunders (1713-1775) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/19/161EWIKI
1760/06/16 William Boys (1700-1774) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/174ADM 6/19
17611763Samuel Cornish (1715-1770) (East Indies)EWIKI
17611763Francis Geary (1709-1796) (Portsmouth)ref:676
1761/061763/01Philip Durell (1707-1766) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1761/07/06 Lachlan Leslie (d.1762) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/327ADM 6/19
1761/10/061763/06/07George Brydges Rodney (1719-1792) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/19/355ADM 6/19
1761/11/11 James Young (1717-1789) (Le Havre) ADM 6/19/363

As Commodore

ADM 6/19
1761/12/02 John Moore (1717/18-1779) (The Downs) ADM 6/19/370ADM 6/19
17621762Sir James Douglas (1703-1787) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17621764Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1762/01/081763Charles Colby (c.1701-1771) (Gibraltar) ADM 6/19/378ADM 6/19
1762/01/27 Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) (Basque Roads) ADM 6/19/382ADM 6/19
1762/04/08  Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) (English Channel) ADM 6/19/397ADM 6/19
1762/04/081765William Gordon (1705-1769) (Thames, Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/397ADM 6/19
1762/05/10 Peter Denis (c.1713-1778) (Basque Roads) ADM 6/19/408ADM 6/19
1762/08/251763/10Richard Spry (1715-1775) (North America) ADM 6/19/432ADM 6/19
1762/11/04 Sir Peircy Brett (c.1710-1781) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/19/448ADM 6/19
1763/011763/06Lord Alexander Colville (7th Viscount Colville of Culross) (1717-1770) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1763/05/04 Augustus John Hervey (1724-1779) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/19/525ADM 6/19
1763/061766/02Thomas Pye (1713-1785) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1763/06/071766/06/26Richard Tyrrell (1691-1766) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/19/507ADM 6/19
1763/06/081766Lord Alexander Colville (7th Viscount Colville of Culross) (1717-1770) (North America) ADM 6/19/512ADM 6/19
1763/07/141766/11/25Sir William Burnaby (1710-1776) (Jamaica) ADM 6/19/520ref:875
1763/09/07 Thomas Harrison (1725-1768) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/19/535ADM 6/19
1763/12/17 Charles Proby (d.1799) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/19/556ADM 6/19
1764/04/30 Hugh Palliser (1721/22-1796) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/20/24ADM 6/20
1764/06/18 John Byron (1723-1786) (East Indies) ADM 6/20/32ADM 6/20
17661771Lord George Edgcumbe (3rd Baron Edgcumbe) (1720-1795) (Plymouth)EWIKI
17661769John Moore (1717/18-1779) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1766/02/171769Thomas Pye (1713-1785) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/20/107ADM 6/20
1766/03/05 Hugh Palliser (1721/22-1796) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/20/110ADM 6/20
1766/04/021766/08/06Philip Durell (1707-1766) (North America) ADM 6/20/114ADM 6/20
1766/05/051769Richard Spry (1715-1775) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/20/118ADM 6/20
1766/06/071769William Parry (c.1699-1779) (Jamaica) ADM 6/20/123HJ-DB
1766/091766/11Joseph Deane (c.1731-1779) (North America)EWIKI
1766/111767/07Archibald Kennedy (1720-1794) (North America)EWIKI
1766/11/28 William Saltern Willett (d.1769) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/20/146ADM 6/20
1767/04/091768/08/03Samuel Hood (1724-1816) (North America) ADM 6/20/165ADM 6/20
1767/12/02 James Gambier (1723-1789) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/20/186ADM 6/20
1768/08/03 Samuel Hood (1724-1816) (North America) ADM 6/20/209ADM 6/20
1768/12/161770Samuel Hood (1724-1816) (North America) ADM 6/20/223ADM 6/20
17691771Francis Geary (1709-1796) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1769/02/14 John Byron (1723-1786) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/20/227ADM 6/20
1769/05/16 Robert Man (1721-1783) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/20/239ADM 6/20
1769/05/161770/05/26Arthur Forrest (c.1716-1770) (Jamaica) ADM 6/20/237HJ-DB
1769/06/08 Charles Proby (d.1799) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/20/241ADM 6/20
1769/06/14 Lord Henry Frederick Hanover (1st Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn) (1745-1790) (English Channel) ADM 6/20/242ADM 6/20
1769/08/231772Sir John Lindsay (1737-1788) (East Indies) ADM 6/20/248ADM 6/20
1769/11/16 William Saltern Willett (d.1769) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/20/261ADM 6/20
1770/01/091771Christopher Hill (c.1716-1778) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/20/266ADM 6/20
1770/07/111771/08James Gambier (1723-1789) (North America) ADM 6/20/283ADM 6/20
1770/08/01 George Mackenzie (d.1780) (Jamaica) ADM 6/20/285ADM 6/20
1770/11/261776Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/20/317ADM 6/20
1770/12/071771/06Sir Peter Denis (1st Baronet of St Mary's) (c.1713-1778) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/20/322ADM 6/20
17711774/02/02Richard Spry (1715-1775) (Plymouth)EWIKI
17711774/05/18Thomas Pye (1713-1785) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1771/01/16 John Montagu (1719-1795) (The Downs) ADM 6/20/336ADM 6/20
1771/01/211775Sir Robert Harland (1st Baronet of Sproughton) (c.1715-1783) (East Indies) ADM 6/20/340ADM 6/20
1771/01/23 Sir George Brydges Rodney (Baronet ) (1719-1792) (Jamaica) ADM 6/20/342

Also in the Gulph of Mexico from the Mississippi to Cape Florida

ADM 6/20
1771/03/031774/06John Montagu (1719-1795) (North America) ADM 6/20/357ADM 6/20
1771/06/24 Sir Peter Denis (1st Baronet of St Mary's) (c.1713-1778) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/20/384ADM 6/20
1772/02/14 Molyneaux Shuldham (1717-1798) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/20/430ADM 6/20
1772/05/12 William Parry (c.1699-1779) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/20/443ADM 6/20
1773/04/23  Charles Saunders (1713-1775) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/20/490ADM 6/20
1773/09/021777Edward Hughes (1720-1794) (East Indies) ADM 6/20/513ADM 6/20
1774/01/12 George Mackenzie (d.1780) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/21/5ADM 6/21
1774/02/021778/02/14John Amherst (1718-1778) (Plymouth) ADM 6/21/12ADM 6/21
1774/03/281776/01/27Samuel Graves (1713-1787) (North America) ADM 6/21/19ADM 6/21
1774/03/29 Clark Gayton (1712-1787) (Jamaica) ADM 6/21/21ADM 6/21
1774/05/181777Sir James Douglas (1703-1787) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/21/30ADM 6/21
1774/06/04 Robert Man (1721-1783) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/21/34ADM 6/21
1775/02/27 Robert Duff (1721-1787) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/21/76ADM 6/21
1775/04/03 James Young (1717-1789) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/21/84ADM 6/21
1775/05/061775/08/08Sir Edward Vernon (1723-1794) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/21/90ADM 6/21
1775/08/08 George Mackenzie (d.1780) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/21/110ADM 6/21
1775/09/291776/02Molyneaux Shuldham (1717-1798) (North America) ADM 6/21/123ADM 6/21
1776/02/151778/09Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) (North America) ADM 6/21/158ADM 6/21
1776/02/28 John Montagu (1719-1795) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/21/163ADM 6/21
1776/05/301780Sir Edward Vernon (1723-1794) (East Indies) ADM 6/21/191ADM 6/21
1777/03/221777/09/10Lord Molyneaux Shuldham (Baron Shuldham) (1717-1798) (Plymouth) ADM 6/21/270ADM 6/21
1777/05/101783Sir Thomas Pye (1713-1785) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/21/285ADM 6/21
1777/06/111781/07/19Sir Peter Parker (1715-1811) (Jamaica) ADM 6/21/291ADM 6/21
1777/09/10 Lord Molyneaux Shuldham (Baron Shuldham) (1717-1798) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/21/310ADM 6/21
1777/09/101783/05/16Samuel Graves (1713-1787) (Plymouth) ADM 6/21/311ADM 6/21
1777/09/16 Robert Duff (1721-1787) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/21/315ADM 6/21
1778/01/261778/10James Gambier (1723-1789) (North America)EWIKI
1778/01/30 The Hon. Samuel Barrington (1729-1800) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/21/360ADM 6/21
1778/02/03 John Campbell (1719-1790) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/21/370ADM 6/21
1778/03/181779Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) (English Channel) ADM 6/21/380ADM 6/21
1778/03/26 Mathew Buckle (1716-1784) (The Downs) ADM 6/21/382ADM 6/21
1778/04/291783Robert Roddam (1719-1808) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/21/397ADM 6/21
1778/07/101784 Edward Hughes (1720-1794) (East Indies) ADM 6/21/432ADM 6/21
1778/11/061779John Byron (1723-1786) (North America) ADM 6/21/470ADM 6/21
1779/01/20 Francis William Drake (1724-1787) (The Downs) ADM 6/21/501ADM 6/21
1779/02/221781/04Marriot Arbuthnot (1711-1794) (North America) ADM 6/21/513ADM 6/21
1779/03/041782/04/02Richard Edwards (1715-1795) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/21/518ADM 6/21
1779/03/191780/05/18Sir Charles Hardy (1716-1780) (English Channel) ADM 6/21/525ADM 6/21
1779/05/06 George Johnston (1730-1787) (Portugal) ADM 6/21/551

From Cape Finisterre to Cape St Vincent and along the Southern coast of Portugal

ADM 6/21
1779/10/011782/04/24Sir George Brydges Rodney (Baronet ) (1719-1792) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/22/32ADM 6/22
1780/05/221780/08/27Francis Geary (1709-1796) (English Channel) ADM 6/22/134ADM 6/22
1780/09/081782/03George Darby (c.1720-1790) (English Channel) ADM 6/22/171ADM 6/22
17811781Hyde Parker (1713/14-1783) (North Sea)ref:676
17811781Thomas Graves (1725-1802) (North America)EWIKI
1781/03/271782The Hon. Keith Stewart (1739-1795) (North Sea) ADM 6/22/266ADM 6/22
1781/05/01 Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1738-1828) (Halifax) ADM 6/22/280ADM 6/22
1781/06/131783Robert Digby (1732-1815) (North America) ADM 6/22/298ADM 6/22
1781/07/191783Joshua Rowley (1734-1790) (Jamaica) ADM 6/22/314ADM 6/22
1782/04/02 Sir John Lockhart (6th Baronet Lockhart-Ross of Carstairs) (1721-1790) (North Sea) ADM 6/22/441ADM 6/22
1782/04/021783Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) (English Channel) ADM 6/22/437ADM 6/22
1782/04/021786/03/01John Campbell (1719-1790) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/22/439ADM 6/22
1782/04/24 Hugh Pigot (1722-1792) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/22/457ADM 6/22
1782/07/03 Sir Hyde Parker (5th Baronet of Melford Hall) (1713/14-1783) (East Indies) ADM 6/22/489ADM 6/22
1782/07/061783Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) (North Sea) ADM 6/22/491ADM 6/22
17831785Sir Walter Stirling (1718-1786) (River Medway and The Nore)WWNH
1783/03/311786John Montagu (1719-1795) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/23/42ADM 6/23
1783/05/161786/06/03Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) (Plymouth) ADM 6/23/69ADM 6/23
1783/05/23 George Bowyer (1740-1800) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/23/75ADM 6/23
1783/06/12 Sir Richard Hughes (2nd Baronet of East Bergholt) (c.1724-1812) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/23/83ADM 6/23
1783/08/141784/02/12James Gambier (1723-1789) (Jamaica) ADM 6/23/111ADM 6/23
1783/08/161785Sir Charles Douglas (1st Baronet Carr) (1726/27-1789) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/23/114ADM 6/23
1783/08/291784Sir John Lindsay (1737-1788) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/23/129ADM 6/23
17841785Andrew Mitchell (1757-1806) (East Indies)EWIKI
1784/08/261786Alexander Innes (c.1713-1786) (Jamaica) ADM 6/23/240ADM 6/23
17851785John Pakenham (1743-1807) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
17851787Charles Hughes (East Indies)EWIKI
17851788Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1st Baronet of Holly Grove) (1738-1828) (River Medway and The Nore)EWIKI
1785/01/26 Herbert Sawyer (c.1731-1798) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/23/263ADM 6/23
1785/07/221789Philips Cosby (1729-1808) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/23/290ADM 6/23
1785/09/081789Alan Gardner (1742-1809) (Jamaica) ADM 6/23/297ADM 6/23
1786/03/011788/11John Elliot (1732-1808) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/23/318ADM 6/23
1786/04/241789Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/23/330ADM 6/23
1786/06/031789/07/14Thomas Graves (1725-1802) (Plymouth) ADM 6/23/337ADM 6/23
1786/09/15 Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/23/355ADM 6/23
1787/02/10 William Parker (1740/41-1802) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/23/380ADM 6/23
1787/06/11 The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792) (English Channel) ADM 6/23/400ADM 6/23
1787/09/26 Hugh Pigot (1722-1792) (English Channel) ADM 6/23/419ADM 6/23
1787/09/261788/08/23Richard Edwards (1715-1795) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/23/419ADM 6/23
1788/05/22 The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792) (English Channel) ADM 6/23/462ADM 6/23
1788/08/231789/10/21Skeffington Lutwidge (1737-1814) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/23/474ADM 6/23
1788/09/29 Joseph Peyton (1725-1804) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/23/478ADM 6/23
1788/11/101794The Hon. William Cornwallis (1744-1819) (East Indies) ADM 6/23/488ADM 6/23
1789/02/11 Sir Charles Douglas (1st Baronet Carr) (1726/27-1789) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/23/508ADM 6/23
1789/02/111793Philip Affleck (1726-1799) (Jamaica) ADM 6/23/510ADM 6/23
1789/04/101792Sir Richard Hughes (2nd Baronet of East Bergholt) (c.1724-1812) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/23/519ADM 6/23
1789/04/101792/04/11Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/23/519ADM 6/23
1789/04/201792Robert Roddam (1719-1808) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/23/522ADM 6/23
1789/07/141791/01/22Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792) (Plymouth) ADM 6/23/538ADM 6/23
1789/07/20 Samuel Granston Goodall (d.1801) (English Channel) ADM 6/23/537ADM 6/23
1789/10/211790/05/08Thomas Pasley (1734-1808) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/7ADM 6/24
1789/11/16 John Laforey (1729-1796) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/24/10ADM 6/24
1790/05/081790/12/25John Dalrymple (1722-1798) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/26ADM 6/24
1790/05/13 Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) (English Channel) ADM 6/24/29ADM 6/24
1790/06/29 Sir Richard King (1730-1806) (The Downs) ADM 6/24/45ADM 6/24
1790/07/23 Philips Cosby (1729-1808) (Cork) ADM 6/24/54ADM 6/24
1790/07/23 Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) (English Channel) ADM 6/24/54ADM 6/24
1790/09/01 Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) (North Sea) ADM 6/24/64ADM 6/24
1790/12/251791/03/28Thomas Pasley (1734-1808) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/98ADM 6/24
1791/01/221792/09/25Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792) (Plymouth) ADM 6/24/103ADM 6/24
1791/03/281791/09/19John Dalrymple (1722-1798) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/112ADM 6/24
1791/09/19 Thomas Pasley (1734-1808) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/136ADM 6/24
17921792William Locker (1731-1800) (River Medway and The Nore)EWIKI
1792/03/10 Samuel Granston Goodall (d.1801) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/24/159ADM 6/24
1792/03/221793/08/06Philips Cosby (1729-1808) (Plymouth) ADM 6/24/159ADM 6/24
1792/04/111794/05/21Sir Richard King (1st Baronet of Bellevue) (1730-1806) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/24/162ADM 6/24
1792/06/141793/03/13Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/24/168ADM 6/24
1792/10/051795John Ford (c.1738-1796) (Jamaica) ADM 6/24/176ADM 6/24
1792/10/271793/02/04The Hon. George Murray (1741-1797) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/179ADM 6/24
17931795 Alexander Arthur Hood (1726-1814) (English Channel)EWIKI
1793/02/011795Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) (English Channel) ADM 6/24/204ADM 6/24
1793/02/04 John Dalrymple (1722-1798) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/24/202ADM 6/24
1793/02/061793/06/06John Macbride (c.1735-1800) (The Downs) ADM 6/24/203ADM 6/24
1793/02/201793/11Alan Gardner (1742-1809) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/24/213ADM 6/24
1793/03/131794/10Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/24/220ADM 6/24
1793/04/081799/09/14Sir Peter Parker (1st Baronet of Bassingbourne) (1715-1811) (Portsmouth) ADM 6/24/227ADM 6/24
1793/06/061799/04Joseph Peyton (1725-1804) (The Downs) ADM 6/24/244ADM 6/24
1793/08/06 Rowland Cotton (c.1740-1794) (Plymouth) ADM 6/24/259ADM 6/24
1793/08/311800Robert Brice (c.1730-1805) (Cork) ADM 6/24/264ADM 6/24
1793/09/24  John Jervis (1734/35-1823) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/24/269ADM 6/24
1794/03/211796The Hon. George Murray (1741-1797) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/25/22ref:989
1794/05/21 Sir James Wallace (c.1732-1803) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/25/44ref:989
1794/08/06 Henry Harvey (1737-1810) (North Sea) ADM 6/25/72

Coasts of Zealand, Holland, the other United Provinces and in the North Sea.

1794/11/081796William Parker (1740/41-1802) (Jamaica) ADM 6/25/105ref:989
1794/12/031796Sir Richard King (1st Baronet of Bellevue) (1730-1806) (Plymouth) ADM 6/25/113ref:989
1795/02/101795/03/02Sir George Collier (1738-1795) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/25/134ref:989
1795/02/24 Sir John Laforey (1st Baronet Laforey) (1729-1796) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/25/139ref:989
1795/03/021797Charles Buckner (1736-c.1811) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/25/141ref:989
1795/03/111799Adam Duncan (1731-1804) (North Sea) ADM 6/25/150ref:989
1795/05/041795/11William Hotham (1736-1813) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/25/184ref:989
1795/10/021799 John Jervis (1734/35-1823) (The Mediterranean Sea) ADM 6/25/220ref:989
17961799Richard Onslow (1741-1817) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1796/02/10 The Hon. William Cornwallis (1744-1819) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/25/255ref:989
1796/04/04 George Vandeput (d.1800) (Portugal) ADM 6/25/266ref:989
1796/04/131799Henry Harvey (1737-1810) (Barbados & the Leeward Islands) ADM 6/25/269ref:989
1796/08/241800Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807) (Jamaica) ADM 6/26/23ref:990
1796/11/301800/03/14George Vandeput (d.1800) (Nova Scotia) ADM 6/26/47ref:990
1797/01/19 Thomas Pringle (d.1803) (Cape of Good Hope) ADM 6/26/60ref:990
1797/01/191805Peter Rainier (1741-1808) (East Indies) ADM 6/26/60ref:990
1797/04/101799Lord Alexander Arthur Hood (1st Baron Briport [GB]) (1726-1814) (English Channel) ADM 6/26/80ref:990
1797/04/281799William Waldegrave (1753-1825) (Newfoundland) ADM 6/26/85ref:990
1797/06/211799/04Skeffington Lutwidge (1737-1814) (River Medway and The Nore) ADM 6/26/100ref:990
17981798/11/23 Hugh Cloberry Christian (1747-1798) (Cape of Good Hope)ref:616
1799/03/291802Sir Thomas Pasley (Baronet Pasley of Craig) (1734-1808) (Plymouth)TRN4
1799/041799/08Andrew Mitchell (1757-1806) (The Nore)TRN4
1799/041802/01Skeffington Lutwidge (1737-1814) (The Downs)TRN4
1799/081803/04Alexander Graeme (1741-1818) (The Nore)TRN4
1799/09/141803/03/24Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) (Portsmouth)ODNB
1799/111802Lord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18001801The Hon. Hugh Seymour (1759-1801) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18001802Archibald Dickson (c.1739-1803) (North Sea)ref:676
18001802William Parker (1740/41-1802) (North America)EWIKI
18001803Lord John Jervis (1st Earl St. Vincent) (1734/35-1823) (English Channel)EWIKI
1800/051803/02/24Sir Roger Curtis (Baronet ) (1746-1816) (Cape of Good Hope)ref:616
1801/051801/07Lord Horatio Nelson (1st Viscount Nelson) (1758-1805) (Baltic Sea)EWIKI
18021802Robert Montagu (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18021803James Richard Dacres (1749-1810) (Plymouth)EWIKI
18021806 Andrew Mitchell (1757-1806) (North America)EWIKI
18031804 John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18031806The Hon. William Cornwallis (1744-1819) (English Channel)EWIKI
18031807Lord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823) (The Nore)EWIKI
18031809George Montagu (1750-1829) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18031804/04/23Richard Rodney Bligh (1737-1821) (Leith)ref:676
1803/031803/06Alan Gardner (1742-1809) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1803/051805/10/21Lord Horatio Nelson (1st Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Hilborough) (1758-1805) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
1803/061804/05 John Colpoys (1742-1821) (Plymouth)ref:616
18041808James Richard Dacres (1749-1810) (Jamaica)EWIKI
18041808Richard Dacres (1761-1837) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18041809Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833) (East Indies)EWIKI
1804/051810William Young (1751-1821) (Plymouth)EWIKI
18051807Sir Thomas Troubridge (1st Baronet of Plymouth) (1758-1807) (East Indies)EWIKI
1805/04/031808Alan Gardner (1742-1809) (English Channel)EWIKI
1805/10/211810/03/07Cuthbert Collingwood (1750-1810) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18061807Lord John Jervis (Viscount St Vincent) (1734/35-1823) (English Channel)EWIKI
18061807George Cranfield Berkeley (1753-1818) (North America)EWIKI
18071810Thomas Macnamara Russell (1743-1824) (North Sea)ref:676
18071810Thomas Wells (1759-1811) (The Nore)EWIKI
18071810 John Borlase Warren (1st Baronet of Little Marlow) (1753-1822) (North America)EWIKI
18081812/07George Cranfield Berkeley (1753-1818) (Portugal)ref:616
1808/031811James Gambier (1756-1833) (English Channel)EWIKI
18091810 Richard John Strachan (d.1828) (North Sea)ref:676
18091811Bartholomew Samuel Rowley (1763-1811) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18091811/03/06William O'Bryen Drury (d.1811) (East Indies)EWIKI
1809/051812Sir Roger Curtis (Baronet ) (1746-1816) (Portsmouth)ref:616
18101811Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833) (North Sea)ref:676
18101811Sir Henry Edwin Stanhope (1754-1814) (The Nore)EWIKI
18101813Herbert Sawyer (d.1833) (North America)EWIKI
1810/03/171811/05Sir Charles Cotton (5th Baronet) (1753-1812) (The Mediterranean Sea)ref:616
1810/06/101813Sir Robert Calder (1st Baronet of Southwick) (1745-1818) (Plymouth)ref:616
18111813Charles Stirling (1760-1833) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18111814 Samuel Hood (1762-1814) (East Indies)EWIKI
18111814Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18111814Sir Thomas Williams (1761-1841) (The Nore)EWIKI
18111815William Young (1751-1821) (North Sea)ref:676
1811/051812/02/23Sir Charles Cotton (5th Baronet) (1753-1812) (English Channel)ref:616
18121814Lord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823) (English Channel)EWIKI
18121815Sir Richard Hussey Bickerton (2nd Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1759-1832) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18131814William Brown (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18131814 John Borlase Warren (1st Baronet of Little Marlow) (1753-1822) (North America)EWIKI
18131814William Hargood (1762-1839) (The Channel Islands)RNB1823
1813/10/271814/03William Domett (1754-1828) (Plymouth)ref:616
18141815 Alexander Inglis Cochrane (1758-1832) (North America)EWIKI
18141816 Alexander Inglis Cochrane (1758-1832) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
1814/121815/06George Sayer (1773-1783) (East Indies)EWIKI
18151818Sir Edward Thornbrough (1754-1834) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18151818Sir Charles Rowley (1770-1845) (The Nore)EWIKI
1815/011817/08/31Sir John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817) (Plymouth)WWNH
1815/061815/09/21Sir George Burlton (d.1815) (East Indies)EWIKI
1815/111816/11George Sayer (1773-1783) (East Indies)EWIKI
18161816Sir David Milne (1763-1845) (North America)EWIKI
18161817John Erskine Douglas (1758-1847) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18161818Sir Charles Vinicombe Penrose (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18161818Sir Benjamin Hallowell (1761-1834) (Cork)EWIKI
18161820Sir Richard King (2nd Baronet of Bellevue) (1774-1834) (East Indies)EWIKI
18161821Edward Griffith Colpoys (1767-1832) (North America)EWIKI
18161833Aleksey Samuilovich Greig (1775-1845) (Black Sea)EWIKI
18171820Sir Home Riggs Popham (1762-1820) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18181820Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle (1765-1819) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18181821Sir George Campbell (1759-1821) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18181821Sir John Gore (1772-1836) (The Nore)EWIKI
1818/08/031821/11/24Robert Waller Otway (1770-1846) (Leith)NBD1849
1819/081822/12/03Sir Henry Blackwood (1st Baronet of the Navy) (1770-1832) (East Indies)ref:616
18201820Sir John Poo Beresford (1st Baronet of Bagnall) (1767-1844) (Leith)ref:616
18201823Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18201823Sir Charles Rowley (1770-1845) (Jamaica)EWIKI
18211824 William Charles Fahie (1763-1833) (North America & West Indies)EWIKI
18211824Sir James Hawkins-Whitshed (1762-1849) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18211824Sir Benjamin Hallowell (1761-1834) (The Nore)EWIKI
18221824Charles Grant (1770-1824) (East Indies)EWIKI
18231823Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18231826Sir Harry Burrard-Neale (d.1840) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18241827Sir George Martin (1765-1847) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18241827Sir Robert Moorsom (1760-1835) (The Nore)EWIKI
18241827Sir Lawrence William Halstead (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18251826Sir James Brisbane (1774-1826) (East Indies)EWIKI
18251828Robert Plampin (1762-1834) (Cork)EWIKI
18251829William Hall Gage (1777-1864) (East Indies)EWIKI
1826/061829Sir Robert Waller Otway (1770-1846) (South America)EWIKI
1826/121828Sir Edward Codrington (1770-1851) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18271830Sir William Carnegie (7th Earl Northesk) (1756-1831) (Plymouth)EWIKI
18271830Sir Robert Stopford (1768-1847) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1827/08/011830Sir Henry Blackwood (1st Baronet of the Navy) (1770-1832) (The Nore)ref:616
18281829Charles Elphinstone Fleeming (1774-1840) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18281831Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18291832Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849) (East Indies)EWIKI
18291832Edward Griffith Colpoys (1767-1832) (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18301832Edward Griffith Colpoys (1767-1832) (North America & West Indies)EWIKI
18301833Sir Thomas Foley (1755-1833) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18301833Sir John Poo Beresford (1st Baronet of Bagnall) (1767-1844) (The Nore)EWIKI
18311834Sir John Gore (1772-1836) (East Indies)EWIKI
1831/03/301833/04/19Sir Henry Hotham (1777-1833) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18331833Arthur Farquhar (Jamaica)HJ-DB
18331834/08/05Sir Richard King (2nd Baronet of Bellevue) (1774-1834) (The Nore)EWIKI
18331836Sir Thomas Williams (1761-1841) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18331836Sir William Hargood (1762-1839) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1833/031836/05Sir George Cockburn (1772-1853) (North America & West Indies)ref:616
1833/05/031833/12/18Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
1833/12/181837/02/09Sir Josias Rowley (1756-1842) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18341837 Patrick Campbell (1773-1841) (Cape of Good Hope)ref:616
18341837Sir Thomas Bladen Capel (1776-1853) (East Indies)EWIKI
1834/091837Charles Elphinstone Fleeming (1774-1840) (The Nore)EWIKI
18361839/04Sir Philip Charles Calderwood Henderson Durham (1763-1845) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18371840Sir Robert Waller Otway (1st Baronet of Brighton) (1770-1846) (The Nore)EWIKI
1837/02/091841/10/14Sir Robert Stopford (1768-1847) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
1837/071839/11/30Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland (1777-1839) (East Indies)EWIKI
18391843Sir Thomas Baker (1771-1845) (South America)ref:616
1839/041839/11Charles Elphinstone Fleeming (1774-1840) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1839/11/221842/12/31Sir Edward Codrington (1770-1851) (Portsmouth)ref:616
1839/11/301840/07Sir James John Gordon Bremer (1786-1850) (East Indies)EWIKI
18401841Sir Henry Digby (1770-1842) (The Nore)EWIKI
1840/071840/11 George Elliot (1784-1863) (East Indies)EWIKI
18411843/12/26Sir Edward Brace (1770-1843) (The Nore)WWNH
1841/10/141845/02/27Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18421845Sir David Milne (1763-1845) (Plymouth)EWIKI
18421845/10/10Sir Charles Rowley (Baronet of Hill House) (1770-1845) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18441846 Thomas John Cochrane (1789-1872) (East Indies)EWIKI
1844/011845/04/02Sir John Chambers White (1770-1845) (The Nore)EWIKI
1844/05/161847/07/01 Hugh Pigot (1775-1857) (Cobh)W025
1845/02/271846/07/13Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
1845/04/181848Sir Edward Durnford King (1771-1862) (The Nore)EWIKI
1845/10/101848Sir Charles Ogle (1775-1858) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
18461847Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866) (English Channel)EWIKI
1846/07/131846/11/13 Houston Stewart (1791-1875) (Plymouth Dockyard)W025
1846/07/241852/01/17Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
18471849 Charles John Napier (1786-1860) (English Channel)EWIKI
18481851 Thomas Cochrane (10th Earl of Dundonald) (1775-1860) (North America & West Indies)EWIKI
18481851 George Elliot (1784-1863) (The Nore)NBD1849
18481852Sir Thomas Bladen Capel (1776-1853) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1848/041849/10/28Sir Francis Augustus Collier (1785-1849) (China)EWIKI
18511852/12Thomas Briggs (1780-1852) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1852/01/171854James Whitley Deans Dundas (1785-1862) (The Mediterranean Sea)EWIKI
1852/05/241854/02Armar Lowry Corry (1793-1855) (English Channel)W025
1852/121856Sir Thomas John Cochrane (1789-1872) (Portsmouth)EWIKI
1853/08/171854/11/25David Price (1790-1854) (Pacific Ocean)W025
18541857Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866) (Plymouth)EWIKI
1855/02/191856/04/04Richard Saunders Dundas (1802-1861) (Baltic Sea)W025
1856/11/261860/01/13Sir Houston Stewart (1791-1875) (North America & West Indies)W025
1857/04/011860/02/10Sir Frederick William Grey (1805-1878) (Cape of Good Hope)ref:616
1857/07/011860/06/28Edward Harvey (1783-1865) (The Nore)EWIKI
1860/05/051862/10/31 Thomas Maitland (1803-1878) (Pacific Ocean)W025
1860/06/281863/06/25William James Hope Johnstone (1798-1878) (The Nore)W025
1860/10/111863/10/27Sir Houston Stewart (1791-1875) (Plymouth Dockyard)W025
1864/05/191866/11/21Joseph Denman (1810-1874) (Pacific Ocean)W025
1866/03/011869/02/25Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley (2nd Baronet Pasley of Craig, Dunfries) (1804-1884) (Portsmouth)W025
1869/06/301870/09/13 George Greville Wellesley (1814-1901) (North America & West Indies)W025
1869/07/171871/08/30Sir Henry Kellett (1806-1875) (China)NBD1849
1870/10/251871/09/02 George Greville Wellesley (1814-1901) (English Channel)W025
1873/09/091875/12/22 George Greville Wellesley (1814-1901) (North America & West Indies)W025