Commander-in-Chief, Jamaica - Greater Antilles - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
16551655William Penn (1621-1670)HJ-DB
16551657William Goodson (1610-1680)HJ-DB
16561657Christopher Myngs (d.1666)HJ-DB
16621664Christopher Myngs (d.1666)HJ-DB
16631663Thomas WhetstoneHJ-DB
16691669Henry Morgan (1635-1688)HJ-DB
16921692Sir Francis Wheler (d.1693/94)HJ-DB
17021702/11/04John Benbow (1652/53-1702)HJ-DB
17031705William WhetstoneHJ-DB
17061706William KerrHJ-DB
17071709Charles Wager (1666-1743)HJ-DB
1710/01/04 Jonathan Spann (c.1661-1712) ADM 6/11/18ADM 6/11
17121712/07James Littleton (1668-1722/23) ADM 107/3/65HJ-DB
1712/03/14 Sir Hovenden Walker (1666-1725) ADM 6/11/199ADM 6/11
1716/09/14 Bartholomew Candler (d.1722) ADM 6/12/77ADM 6/12
1719/05/181720Edward Vernon (1684-1757) ADM 6/12/171ADM 6/12
1725/02/021725/09/13Thomas Scott (d.1725) ADM 6/13/85ADM 6/13
1727/12/16 Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) ADM 6/13/185ADM 6/13
1727/12/161728/03/14Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) ADM 6/13/185ADM 6/13
17281728Edward Hopson (1671-1728)HJ-DB
1728/03/151729Edward St Loe (c.1682-1729) ADM 6/13/199ADM 6/13
17291729William Smith (c.1674-1756)HJ-DB
17291729William Smith (d.1756)E-WIKI
1729/06/201730The Hon. Charles Stewart (1681-1740/41) ADM 6/14/30ADM 6/14
1732/02/21 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/14/102ADM 6/14
1732/06/151735Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) ADM 6/14/112HPO
1734/12/131737/08/19Digby Dent (c.1680-1737) ADM 6/14/199HJ-DB
1737/12/091738Charles Browne (c.1678-1753) ADM 6/15/85ADM 6/15
17391742Edward Vernon (1684-1757)HJ-DB
1742/12/02 Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) ADM 6/16/120ADM 6/16
1743/10/03 Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750) ADM 6/16/223ADM 6/16
1744/05/291746/09/16Thomas Davers (1689-1746) ADM 6/16/311

Renewed 19.6.1744 as Vice-Admiral of the White

1746/101747Cornelius Mitchell (d.1749)HJ-DB
17471747Digby Dent (1710-1761)HJ-DB
1747/06/061749Charles Knowles (1704-1777) ADM 6/17/233

Recommissioned 12.9.1747. ADM 6/17/267.

ADM 6/19
1748/11/041752The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769) ADM 6/17/404HJ-DB
1752/01/14 Thomas Coates (1712-1767) ADM 6/18/21ADM 6/18
17551757/07The Hon. George Townshend (1716-1769)HJ-DB
1755/01/30 Thomas Brodrick (1704-1769) ADM 6/18/126ADM 6/18
1757/071760Thomas Coates (1712-1767)E-WIKI
1760/01/241761/11/20Charles Holmes (1711-1761) ADM 6/19/131HPO
17621762Sir James Douglas (1703-1787)HJ-DB
17621764Augustus Keppel (1725-1786)HJ-DB
1763/07/141766/11/25Sir William Burnaby (1710-1776) ADM 6/19/520ref:875
1766/06/071769William Parry (c.1699-1779) ADM 6/20/123HJ-DB
1769/05/161770/05/26Arthur Forrest (c.1716-1770) ADM 6/20/237HJ-DB
1770/08/01 George Mackenzie (d.1780) ADM 6/20/285ADM 6/20
1771/01/23 Sir George Brydges Rodney (Baronet ) (1719-1792) ADM 6/20/342

Also in the Gulph of Mexico from the Mississippi to Cape Florida

ADM 6/20
1774/03/29 Clark Gayton (1712-1787) ADM 6/21/21ADM 6/21
1777/06/111781/07/19Sir Peter Parker (1715-1811) ADM 6/21/291ADM 6/21
1781/07/191783Joshua Rowley (1734-1790) ADM 6/22/314ADM 6/22
1783/08/141784/02/12James Gambier (1723-1789) ADM 6/23/111ADM 6/23
1784/08/261786Alexander Innes (c.1713-1786) ADM 6/23/240ADM 6/23
17851785John Pakenham (1743-1807)HJ-DB
1785/09/081789Alan Gardner (1742-1809) ADM 6/23/297ADM 6/23
1789/02/111793Philip Affleck (1726-1799) ADM 6/23/510ADM 6/23
1792/10/051795John Ford (c.1738-1796) ADM 6/24/176ADM 6/24
1794/11/081796William Parker (1740/41-1802) ADM 6/25/105ADM 6/25
1796/08/241800Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807) ADM 6/26/23ADM 6/26
18001801The Hon. Hugh Seymour (1759-1801)HJ-DB
18021802Robert MontaguHJ-DB
18031804 John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)HJ-DB
18041808James Richard Dacres (1749-1810)E-WIKI
18041808Richard Dacres (1761-1837)HJ-DB
18091811Bartholomew Samuel Rowley (1763-1811)HJ-DB
18111813Charles Stirling (1760-1833)HJ-DB
18131814William BrownHJ-DB
18141816 Alexander Inglis Cochrane (1758-1832)HJ-DB
18161817John Erskine Douglas (1758-1847)HJ-DB
18171820Sir Home Riggs Popham (1762-1820)HJ-DB
18201823Sir Charles Rowley (1770-1845)E-WIKI
18231823Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849)HJ-DB
18241827Sir Lawrence William HalsteadHJ-DB
18281829Charles Elphinstone Fleeming (1774-1840)HJ-DB
18291832Edward Griffith Colpoys (1767-1832)HJ-DB
18331833Arthur FarquharHJ-DB

Other Commander-in-Chief locations

Baltic Sea, Barbados & the Leeward Islands, Basque Roads, Black Sea, Cape of Good Hope, Chatham, China, Cobh, Cork, Cork, Dunkirk, East Indies, English Channel, Gibraltar, Kronshtadt, Le Havre, Leith, Newfoundland, North America, North America & West Indies, North Sea, Nova Scotia, Pacific Ocean, Plymouth, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth, Portugal, Ribadeo, River Medway and The Nore, South America, Thames, Thames, Medway and The Nore, The Channel Islands, The Downs, The Mediterranean Sea, The Nore, Weser, Elbe and Ems, West Indies,