Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth - Devon - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
1695/01/151695/01/25 Richard ShortADM 6/3
1696/11/051696/11/15 William Cross (d.1746)ADM 6/4
1698/02/161699/01 David Greenhill (d.1716)ADM 6/5
1699/01/201699/02/08 Richard ClarkeADM 6/5
1707/12/091707/12/21 John Evans (d.1723/24) ADM 6/9/108ADM 6/9
1711/03/17  Gerard Ellwes ADM 6/11/122ADM 6/11
1711/11/021712/04/04Sir Thomas Hardy (1666-1732) ADM 6/11/174ADM 6/11
1744/11/02  George Pocock (1705/6-1792) ADM 6/16/377ADM 6/16
1761/061763/01 Philip Durell (1707-1766)E-WIKI
1763/011763/06Lord Alexander Colville (7th Viscount Colville of Culross) (1717-1770)E-WIKI
1763/061766/02 Thomas Pye (1713-1785)E-WIKI
17661771Lord George Edgcumbe (3rd Baron Edgcumbe) (1720-1795)E-WIKI
17711774/02/02 Richard Spry (1715-1775)E-WIKI
1774/02/021778/02/14 John Amherst (1718-1778) ADM 6/21/12ADM 6/21
1777/03/221777/09/10Lord Molyneaux Shuldham (Baron Shuldham) (1717-1798) ADM 6/21/270ADM 6/21
1777/09/101783/05/16 Samuel Graves (1713-1787) ADM 6/21/311ADM 6/21
1783/05/161786/06/03 Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) ADM 6/23/69ADM 6/23
1786/06/031789/07/14 Thomas Graves (1725-1802) ADM 6/23/337ADM 6/23
1789/07/141791/01/22Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792) ADM 6/23/538ADM 6/23
1791/01/221792/09/25Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792) ADM 6/24/103ADM 6/24
1792/03/221793/08/06 Philips Cosby (1729-1808) ADM 6/24/159ADM 6/24
1793/08/06  Rowland Cotton (c.1740-1794) ADM 6/24/259ADM 6/24
1794/12/031796Sir Richard King (1st Baronet of Bellevue) (1730-1806) ADM 6/25/113ADM 6/25
17961799 Richard Onslow (1741-1817)E-WIKI
1799/03/291802Sir Thomas Pasley (Baronet Pasley of Craig) (1734-1808)TRN4
18021803 James Richard Dacres (1749-1810)E-WIKI
1803/061804/05 John Colpoys (1742-1821)ref:616
1804/051810 William Young (1751-1821)E-WIKI
1810/06/101813Sir Robert Calder (1st Baronet of Southwick) (1745-1818)ref:616
1813/10/271814/03 William Domett (1754-1828)ref:616
1815/011817/08/31Sir John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)WWNH
18271830Sir William Carnegie (7th Earl Northesk) (1756-1831)E-WIKI
18331836Sir William Hargood (1762-1839)E-WIKI
18421845Sir David Milne (1763-1845)E-WIKI
18541857Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866)E-WIKI

Other Commander-in-Chief locations

Baltic Sea, Barbados & the Leeward Islands, Basque Roads, Black Sea, Cape of Good Hope, Chatham, China, Cobh, Cork, Cork, Dunkirk, East Indies, English Channel, France, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Kronshtadt, Le Havre, Leith, Newfoundland, North America, North America & West Indies, North Sea, Nova Scotia, Pacific Ocean, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth, Portugal, Ribadeo, River Medway and The Nore, South America, Thames, Thames, Medway and The Nore, The Channel Islands, The Downs, The Mediterranean Sea, The Nore, Weser, Elbe and Ems, West Indies,