Commander-in-Chief, The Mediterranean Sea - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
1695/08/01 Sir George Rooke (1650-1708/9)ADM 6/3
1696/11/021697/08/27John Neville (d.1697)ADM 6/4
1709/10/111710Sir John Norris (1670-1749) ADM 6/10/94ADM 6/10
1710/11/131711Sir John Jennings (1664-1743) ADM 6/11/81ADM 6/11
1713/12/081714Sir James Wishart (d.1723)ADM 6/11
1715/02/18 John Baker (1660-1716)ADM 6/12
1716/101717Charles Cornewall (1669-1718)ODNB
1737/04/07 The Hon. George Clinton (1686-1761) ADM 6/15/57ADM 6/15
1738/05/04 Nicholas Haddock (1686-1746) ADM 6/15/114ADM 6/15
1741/11/16 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/15/478ADM 6/15
1742/03/25 Thomas Mathews (1676-1750) ADM 6/16/34ADM 6/16
1743/12/07 Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/16/247ADM 6/16
1744/06/261745/07William Rowley (1690-1768) ADM 6/16/330ODNB
1745/07/271747/08/05Henry Medley (d.1747)ODNB
1747/09/151748/08/08The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) ADM 6/17/268ODNB
1748/07/121748/12John Forbes (1714-1796) ADM 6/17/378ADM 6/17
1749/03/111751Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) ADM 6/17/447ADM 6/17
1752/08/19 George Edgcumbe (1720-1795) ADM 6/18/43ADM 6/18
1756/04/021757The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) ADM 6/18/252ADM 6/18
1757/011757/05Charles Saunders (1713-1775)EWIKI
1757/04/301760/04Henry Osborne (1694-1771) ADM 6/18/391ODNB
1759/05/29 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) ADM 6/19/51ADM 6/19
1760/04/281763Charles Saunders (1713-1775) ADM 6/19/161EWIKI
1762/11/04 Sir Piercy Brett (c.1710-1781) ADM 6/19/448ADM 6/19
1763/05/04 Augustus John Hervey (1724-1779) ADM 6/19/525ADM 6/19
1763/09/07 Thomas Harrison (1725-1768) ADM 6/19/535ADM 6/19
1766/05/051769Richard Spry (1715-1775) ADM 6/20/118ADM 6/20
1769/06/08 Charles Proby (d.1799) ADM 6/20/241ADM 6/20
1770/11/261776Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) ADM 6/20/317ADM 6/20
1771/06/24 Sir Peter Denis (1st Baronet of St Mary's) (1713-1778) ADM 6/20/384ADM 6/20
1773/04/23  Charles Saunders (1713-1775) ADM 6/20/490ADM 6/20
1774/06/04 Robert Man (1721-1783) ADM 6/21/34ADM 6/21
1777/09/16 Robert Duff (1721-1787) ADM 6/21/315ADM 6/21
17831784 John Lindsay (1737-1788)EWIKI
17851789Philips Cosby (1729-1808)EWIKI
1793/021794/10Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816)EWIKI
1794/101795/11William Hotham (1736-1813)EWIKI
17961799 John Jervis (1734/35-1823)EWIKI
1799/111802Lord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823)EWIKI
1803/051805/10/21Lord Horatio Nelson (1st Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Hilborough) (1758-1805)EWIKI
1805/10/211810/03/07Cuthbert Collingwood (1750-1810)EWIKI
1810/03/171811/05Sir Charles Cotton (5th Baronet) (1753-1812)ref:616
18111814Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833)EWIKI
18161818Sir Charles Vinicombe PenroseEWIKI
18181820Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle (1765-1819)EWIKI
18201823Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843)EWIKI
18231826Sir Harry Burrard-Neale (d.1840)EWIKI
1826/121828Sir Edward Codrington (1770-1851)EWIKI
18281831Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838)EWIKI
1831/03/301833/04/19Sir Henry Hotham (1777-1833)EWIKI
1833/05/031833/12/18Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838)EWIKI
1833/12/181837/02/09Sir Josias Rowley (1756-1842)EWIKI
1837/02/091841/10/14Sir Robert Stopford (1768-1847)EWIKI
1841/10/141845/02/27Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen (1771-1849)EWIKI
1845/02/271846/07/13Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866)EWIKI
1846/07/241852/01/17Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866)EWIKI
1852/01/171854James Whitley Deans Dundas (1785-1862)EWIKI

Other Commander-in-Chief locations

Baltic Sea, Barbados & the Leeward Islands, Basque Roads, Black Sea, Cape of Good Hope, China, Cobh, Cork, Dunkirk, East Indies, English Channel, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Le Havre, Leeward Islands, Leith, Newfoundland, North America, North America & West Indies, North Sea, Pacific Ocean, Plymouth, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth, Portugal, River Medway and The Nore, South America, Thames, Thames, Medway and The Nore, The Downs, The Nore, Weser, Elbe and Ems, West Indies,