Commander-in-Chief, English Channel - British Isles - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
1715/03/05 Sir John Norris (1670-1749) ADM 6/12/31ADM 6/12
1744/07/14 Sir John Balchen (1669/70-1744) ADM 6/16/341ADM 6/16
1746/07/311747/07/20 George Anson (1697-1762) ADM 6/17/135ADM 6/17
1747/07/201748 Peter Warren (1703-1752) ADM 6/17/250ADM 6/17
17551756/06 Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781)E-WIKI
1755/101755/11The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757)ref:1186
1757/05/18 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) ADM 6/18/400ADM 6/18
1758/03/05  Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) ADM 6/18/491ADM 6/18
1758/05/13 Lord George Anson (1st Baron Anson) (1697-1762) ADM 6/18/512ADM 6/18
1760/01/15 The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) ADM 6/19/127ADM 6/19
1762/04/08  Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781) ADM 6/19/397ADM 6/19
1769/06/14 Lord Henry Frederick Hanover (1st Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn) (1745-1790) ADM 6/20/242ADM 6/20
1778/03/181779 Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) ADM 6/21/380ADM 6/21
1779/03/191780/05/18Sir Charles Hardy (1716-1780) ADM 6/21/525ADM 6/21
1780/05/221780/08/27 Francis Geary (1709-1796) ADM 6/22/134ADM 6/22
1780/09/081782/03 George Darby (c.1720-1790) ADM 6/22/171ADM 6/22
1782/04/021783Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799) ADM 6/22/437ADM 6/22
1787/06/11 The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792) ADM 6/23/400ADM 6/23
1787/09/26  Hugh Pigot (1722-1792) ADM 6/23/418ADM 6/23
1788/05/22 The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792) ADM 6/23/462ADM 6/23
1789/07/20  Samuel Granston Goodall (d.1801) ADM 6/23/537ADM 6/23
1790/05/13 Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) ADM 6/24/29ADM 6/24
1790/07/23 Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) ADM 6/24/54ADM 6/24
17931795 Alexander Arthur Hood (1726-1814)E-WIKI
1793/02/011795Lord Richard Howe (1st Earl Howe) (1725/26-1799) ADM 6/24/204ADM 6/24
1797/04/101799Lord Alexander Arthur Hood (1st Baron Briport [GB]) (1726-1814) ADM 6/26/80ADM 6/26
18001803Lord John Jervis (1st Earl St. Vincent) (1734/35-1823)E-WIKI
18031806The Hon. William Cornwallis (1744-1819)E-WIKI
1805/04/031808 Alan Gardner (1742-1809)E-WIKI
18061807Lord John Jervis (Viscount St Vincent) (1734/35-1823)E-WIKI
1808/031811 James Gambier (1756-1833)E-WIKI
1811/051812/02/23Sir Charles Cotton (5th Baronet) (1753-1812)ref:616
18121814Lord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823)E-WIKI
18461847Sir William Parker (Baronet Parker of Shenstone) (1781-1866)E-WIKI
18471849 Charles John Napier (1786-1860)E-WIKI
1852/05/241854/02 Armar Lowry Corry (1793-1855)W025
1870/10/251871/09/02 George Greville Wellesley (1814-1901)W025

Other Commander-in-Chief locations

Baltic Sea, Barbados & the Leeward Islands, Basque Roads, Black Sea, Cape of Good Hope, Chatham, China, Cobh, Cork, Cork, Dunkirk, East Indies, France, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Kronshtadt, Le Havre, Leith, Newfoundland, North America, North America & West Indies, North Sea, Nova Scotia, Pacific Ocean, Plymouth, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth, Portugal, Ribadeo, River Medway and The Nore, South America, Thames, Thames, Medway and The Nore, The Channel Islands, The Downs, The Mediterranean Sea, The Nore, Weser, Elbe and Ems, West Indies,