Commander-in-Chief, North Sea - North Atlantic Ocean - British

Date fromDate toHolderSource
1746/01/091746/02/11The Hon. John Byng (1704-1757) ADM 6/17/39ADM 6/17
1746/02/111747/01/12Thomas Smith (c.1707-1762) ADM 6/17/61ADM 6/17
1747/01/12 John Towry (d.1757) ADM 6/17/99ADM 6/17
17811781Hyde Parker (1713/14-1783)ref:676
1781/03/271782The Hon. Keith Stewart (1739-1795) ADM 6/22/266ADM 6/22
1782/04/02 Sir John Lockhart (6th Baronet Lockhart-Ross of Carstairs) (1721-1790) ADM 6/22/441ADM 6/22
1782/07/061783Mark Milbanke (1724-1805) ADM 6/22/491ADM 6/22
1790/09/01 Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) ADM 6/24/64ADM 6/24
1794/08/06 Henry Harvey (1737-1810) ADM 6/25/72

Coasts of Zealand, Holland, the other United Provinces and in the North Sea.

1795/03/111799Adam Duncan (1731-1804) ADM 6/25/150ref:989
18001802Archibald Dickson (c.1739-1803)ref:676
18071810Thomas Macnamara Russell (1743-1824)ref:676
18091810 Richard John Strachan (d.1828)ref:676
18101811Sir Edward Pellew (1757-1833)ref:676
18111815William Young (1751-1821)ref:676

Other Commander-in-Chief locations

Baltic Sea, Barbados & the Leeward Islands, Basque Roads, Black Sea, Cape of Good Hope, China, Cobh, Cork, Cork, Dunkirk, East Indies, English Channel, Gibraltar, Halifax, Jamaica, Kronshtadt, Le Havre, Leith, Newfoundland, North America, North America & West Indies, Nova Scotia, Pacific Ocean, Plymouth, Plymouth Dockyard, Portsmouth, Portugal, Ribadeo, River Medway and The Nore, South America, Thames, Thames, Medway and The Nore, The Channel Islands, The Downs, The Mediterranean Sea, The Nore, Weser, Elbe and Ems, West Indies,