Colonel of Marines - British

The honorific title "Colonel of Marines" was given to post-captains as a reward for highly distinguished service. It was a salaried sinecure position with no additional obligations outside a captain's normal naval duties. He would lose this title and its additional pay upon reaching flag rank.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
bef.17701770/03/07Sir Thomas Stanhope (c.1718-1770)E-WIKI
1795/06/011797/06/04Sir Andrew Snape Douglas (1761-1797)ref:616
1797/06/081817 John Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)WWNH
1799/02/141813/11/17Sir William George Fairfax (1739-1813)ref:676
1804/04/23 Sir Richard John Strachan (6th Baronet of Thornton, Kincardine) (1760-1828)E-WIKI
1805/04/281824 Edward Buller (1764-1824)ref:616
1808/04/28  William Hargood (1762-1839)RNB1823
1809/10/251846The Hon. Henry Curzon (1765-1846)NBD1849
1811/08/121811/08/12 George Cockburn (1772-1853)ref:616
1812/08/12  Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838)RNB1823
1813/12/041821/04/05 Edward Codrington (1770-1851)ref:616
1813/12/041877 Henry John Codrington (1808-1877)ref:616
1819/08/121821/03/12 William Robert Broughton (1762-1821)ref:616
1830/07/211836/08/24Sir Christopher Cole (1770-1836)ref:616
1830/07/22  Duncombe Pleydall Bouverie (1780-?)NBD1849