Resident Commissioner, Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth - British

Last used : 1832Superceded by : Admiral-Superintendant

The Admiral-Superintendant was the Royal Navy officer in command of one of the larger Naval Dockyards.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1649/03/131651/03/30 William Willoughby (d.1651)ref:571
1651/04/051652/09/22 Robert Moulton (d.1652)ref:571
1652/09/22  Francis Willoughby (d.1671)ref:571
1664/11/10  Thomas Middletonref:571
1675/09/301679/10Sir John Kempthorne (1620-1679)ref:571
1679/10/221689/03 Richard Beach (d.1692)E-WIKI
1689/03/261693/12 Thomas Wilshaw (d.1702)ref:571
1702/06/181705/01/14 William Gifford (1649-1724)ref:571
1705/01/141713/05/17 Isaac Townsend (d.1731)ref:571
1714/11/121729/05 Isaac Townsend (d.1731)ref:571
1729/01/141732/06/28 Michael Seymourref:571
1729/05/051754/02/12 Richard Hughes (1670-1756)
1754/02/121773/08/25 Richard Hughes (1708-1779)ref:571
1773/08/251778/01/26 James Gambier (1723-1789)E-WIKI
1778/01/261780/09/30 Samuel Hood (1724-1816) ADM 6/21/363ADM 6/21
1780/09/301790/03 Henry Martin (1733-1794)ref:571
1790/03/131806/07 Charles Saxton (c.1732-c.1808)E-WIKI
1806/07/221829/01 George Grey (d.1828)ref:571

Other Admiral-Superintendant locations

Antigua, Bermuda, Chatham Dockyard, Corsica, Deptford Dockyard, Gibraltar, Halifax, Halifax Dockyard, Jamaica, Lisbon, Malta Dockyard, Minorca, Pater Yard, Plymouth, Plymouth Dockyard, Port Mahon, Portsmouth, Sheerness, Sheerness Dockyard, Woolwich Dockyard,