Lord High Admiral of England - British

Extant from : 1413 until 1707/05/01Superceded by : Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom

The powers and functions of the Admiralty were vested in the office of Lord High Admiral throughout the period except for the years 1684-9 when they were exercised directly by the crown. The office was held by individuals during the years 1660-73, 1702-9 and 1827-8; at other times it was placed in commission. Appointments were made by letters patent under the great seal. Except in the case of the Duke of York who was appointed for life, tenure was during pleasure.

'Lord High Admiral and Commissioners of the Admiralty 1660-1870', in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 4, Admiralty Officials 1660-1870, ed. J C Sainty (London, 1975), pp. 18-31. British History Online http://www.british-history.ac.uk/office-holders/vol4/pp18-31 [accessed 14 July 2016].


Date fromDate toHolderSource
15431547Lord John Dudley (1st Viscount Lisle) (1504-1553)EWIKI
1547/01/281759/01Thomas Seymour (d.1548/49)BWAS-1603
1549/10/281550/05Lord John Dudley (1st Earl of Warwick) (1504-1553)BWAS-1603
1550/05/041554/03Sir Edward Fiennes de Clinton (9th Baron Clinton) (1512-1585)EWIKI
1554/03/261558/02William HowardBWAS-1603
1558/02/101585/02Sir Edward Fiennes de Clinton (9th Baron Clinton) (1512-1585)EWIKI
1585/07/081619/01/28Lord Charles Howard (2nd Baron Howard of Effingham) (1536-1624)BWAS-1603
1619/01/281628/08/23Lord George Villiers (Marquess Buckingham) (1592-1628)BWAS-1603
1661/01/291673/07/09Sir James Stuart (Duke of York) (1633-1701)OHMB4
1684/05/191685/02/06Charles Stuart (1630-1684/85)OHMB4
1685/02/061689/03/08Sir James Stuart (Duke of York) (1633-1701)OHMB4
1695/05/171702/01Sir Cloudisley Shovell (1650-1707)ADM 6/3
1702/01/261702/05/20Thomas Herbert (1656-1732/33)OHMB
1702/05/201708/10/28Prince George of Denmark (1653-1708)OHMB4
1708/11/291709/11/08Thomas Herbert (1656-1732/33)OHMB4
1827/05/021828/09/19Lord William Henry (Duke of Clarence and St Andrews) (1765-1837)OHMB4