Amiral de France - French

Extant from : 1270

The title Amiral de France is one of the Great Office of the Crown of France. He was responsible for the defence of the coasts of France and raising naval forces in time of war, as well as issuing letters of marque.

Date fromDate toHolderSource
14861508 Louis Malet (Seigneur de Graville)FWIKI
15081511Charles d'AmboiseFWIKI
15111516 Louis Malet (Seigneur de Graville)FWIKI
15171517 Louis de la Trémoille (Vicomte de Thouars)FWIKI
15171525/02/24 Guillaume Gouffier de Bonnivet (Seigneur de Bonnivet)FWIKI
15251543 Philippe de Chabot (Comte de Charny et de Buzançais)FWIKI