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Commissaire à l'Inscription Maritime, Holland - Netherlands - French

Extant from : 1795 until 1965

In 1728, the function of Class Commissioner was created. During the reform of 1765, this function was integrated into the hierarchy of naval administration officers. In 1776, the class commissioners were brought together in a body distinct from that of the port and dockyard commissioners. Between 1791 and 1795, the Classes were entrusted to administrative officers, who succeeded the commissioners. In 1795, these officers regained the title of commissioner, and the Classes became the Maritime Registration. However, in administrative correspondence, the title of Class Commissioner is still used. He was definitively abandoned following a dispatch from the Minister of Marine, dated February 29, 1836, and replaced by that of Commissioner for Maritime Registration.

This “old institution” of the maritime world disappeared in 1965 during the reform of the National Service.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
Pierre Charles Toussaint Pouyer (Baron )French
Naval Sailor
Service 1805-1838

and Hamburg .



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