Master Attendant - British

An officer in the royal dock-yards, appointed to hasten, and. assist at, the fitting-out or dismantling, removing or securing vessels of war, &c. at the port where he resides. He is particularly to observe, that his Majesty's ships are securely moored; and for this purpose he is expected frequently to review the moorings which are sunk in the harbour, and observe that they are kept in proper repair to be always ready when occasion requires. It is also his duty to visit all the ships in ordinary, and see that they are frequently cleaned and kept in order; and to attend at the general musters in the dock-yards, taking care that all the officers, artificers, and labourers, registered in the navy-books, are present at their duty.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
1679/08/12 Richard Vittles (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 106/342/455ADM 106
1694/111700/06Bartholomew Clements (d.1712) (Kinsale Dockyard)ADM 106
1701/11/141701/11/25Thomas Jennings (d.1723) (Chatham Dockyard)ADM 6/6
1701/11/141704/01/08John Caulk (Sheerness Dockyard)ADM 106
17021702/02/05William Wright (d.1735) (Deptford Dockyard)ADM 6/7
1702/02/09 Thomas Jennings (d.1723) (Deptford Dockyard)ADM 6/7
1703/01/20 David Greenhill (d.1716) (Woolwich Dockyard)ADM 6/7
1703/041705/02Thomas Harlow (d.1741) (Deptford Dockyard)ref:1059
1704/01/08 Barrak Pitts (Chatham Dockyard)ADM 6/8
1704/01/08 Daniel Garratt (Plymouth Dockyard)ADM 6/8
1704/01/08 John Caulk (Chatham Dockyard)ADM 6/8
1705/01/22 Richard Clarke (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/8/145ADM 6/8
1706/12/181707John Knapp (Deptford Dockyard)ADM 6/9
1712/05/131720/02/19Thomas Teddiman (d.1752) (Port Mahon)ADM 6/11
1712/05/211720/02Thomas Harlow (d.1741) (Deptford Dockyard)

Resigned about February 1720.

ADM 6/11
17161716/08/02David Bartlett (Lisboa)ADM 6/12
17161716/08/02Robert Frost (d.bef.1727/28) (Plymouth Dockyard)ADM 6/12
1716/08/03 David Bartlett (Portsmouth Dockyard)ADM 6/12
1716/08/031720/02/19Ambrose Wareham (d.bef.1722) (Plymouth Dockyard)ADM 6/12
1716/08/031727/08/24Robert Frost (d.bef.1727/28) (Chatham Dockyard)ADM 6/12
1717/03/061719/10/19James Young (d.bef.1740) (Sheerness Dockyard)ADM 6/12
1718/11/111720/02/16Walter Lunn (d.1738/39) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/12/143ADM 6/12
1719/10/201720Edmund Oxley (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/12/181ADM 6/12
1719/10/201727/08/24James Young (d.bef.1740) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/12/180ADM 6/12
1720/02/171727/08/24Walter Lunn (d.1738/39) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/12/195ADM 6/12
1720/02/20 Ambrose Wareham (d.bef.1722) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/12/196ADM 6/12
1720/02/201727/08/24Thomas Teddiman (d.1752) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/12/196ADM 6/12
1722/04/041722/06/18William Faulknor (d.1724/25) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/33ADM 6/13
1722/06/191727/08/24John Chilley (d.bef.1734) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/40ADM 6/13
1722/11/031727/05/24Caleb Wade (d.1732) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/45ADM 6/13
1727/08/251728/02/07Robert Frost (d.bef.1727/28) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

A renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251732Caleb Wade (d.1732) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251734/09/30Thomas Teddiman (d.1752) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251734/10/01John Chilley (d.bef.1734) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/13/157

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251739/01/06Walter Lunn (d.1738/39) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/13/157ADM 6/13
1727/08/251740/04/28James Young (d.bef.1740) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
1727/08/251744/11/30Richard Dennis (d.bef.1747) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/13/158

Renewed warrant

ADM 6/13
17281728/02/06Francis Davis (d.bef.1733) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/13/193ADM 6/13
1728/02/071733/07/26Robert Aggar (d.1751/52) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/13/193ADM 6/13
1728/02/071733/07/27Francis Davis (d.bef.1733) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/13/193ADM 6/13
1728/02/24 James Patterson (Jamaica Dockyard) ADM 6/13/195ADM 6/13
1731/01/08 John Cock (Jamaica Dockyard) ADM 6/14/94

Confirmed 11.12.1731

ADM 6/14
1733/07/271739/01/05Richard Jenkins (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/14/150ADM 6/14
1733/07/271752/01/01Robert Aggar (d.1751/52) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/14/149ADM 6/14
1734/10/011735/07/07George Rosbee (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/14/195ADM 6/14
1734/10/011744/04/25Thomas Teddiman (d.1752) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/14/195



ADM 6/14
1735/07/08 George Rosbee (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/14/215ADM 6/14
1735/07/081743/02/01Philip Parris (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/14/216ADM 6/14
1736/10/051739/01/05John Goodwin (d.1755) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/15/37ADM 6/15
1739/01/061740/04/28Piercy Brett (d.1752) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/15/157ADM 6/15
1739/01/061744/11/24John Goodwin (d.1755) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/15/156ADM 6/15
1739/01/061747/08/06Richard Jenkins (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/15/157ADM 6/15
1740/04/281744/11/23Piercy Brett (d.1752) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/15/282ADM 6/15
1740/05/021744/11/23John Cock (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/15/285ADM 6/15
1742/04/081744/01/19Michael Pinfold (Port Mahon) ADM 6/16/42ADM 6/16
1743/02/021744/04/25Curtis King (d.1745) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/16/144ADM 6/16
1744/01/201746/03/27William Cumby (d.bef.1746) (Port Mahon) ADM 6/16/261ADM 6/16
1744/04/261745/04/05Curtis King (d.1745) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/16/301ADM 6/16
1744/05/261747/01/01Edward Collingwood (1694-1779) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/16/302ADM 6/16
1744/11/24 Piercy Brett (d.1752) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/16/392ADM 6/16
1744/11/241747/01/01John Cock (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/16/392

Superannuated bef. 1.1.1747

ADM 6/16
1744/11/241747/08/11John Towers (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/16/386ADM 6/16
1744/11/241748/10/25Thomas Martin (Kinsale Dockyard) ADM 6/16/392ADM 6/16
1744/12/011747/08/05Richard Dennis (d.bef.1747) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/16/396ADM 6/16
1745/04/151747/08/05John Goodwin (d.1755) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/16/464ref:567
1745/07/12 Robert Haswell (Gibraltar) ADM 6/16/509ADM 6/16
1746/03/271755/03/31Mathew Moriarty (Port Mahon) ADM 6/17/81ADM 6/17
1747/01/011747/08/11John Broome (d.bef.1755) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/185ADM 6/17
1747/01/011748/10/18Edward Collingwood (1694-1779) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/185ADM 6/17
1747/08/05 John Goodwin (d.1755) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/17/255ADM 6/17
1747/08/06 Richard Jenkins (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/17/255ADM 6/17
1747/08/11 John Towers (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/17/257ADM 6/17
1747/08/111748/09/20Thomas Barnard (d.bef.1748) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/257ADM 6/17
1747/08/111752/01/21John Broome (d.bef.1755) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/17/257ADM 6/17
1748/09/201755/04/11John Robins (d.1755) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/384

11.4.1755 Dismissed for neglect of duty.

ADM 6/17
1748/10/181755/04/19Edward Collingwood (1694-1779) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/17/391ADM 6/17
1748/10/251756/05/19Thomas Martin (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/17/393

Superannuated bef.19.5.1756

ADM 6/17
1749/07/131755/04/19Roger Gastrill (d.1783) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/17/475ADM 6/17
1752/01/211755/03/31Michael Goden (d.1771) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/18/22ADM 6/18
1752/01/211755/03/31John Broome (d.bef.1755) (Chatham Dockyard)ADM 6/18
1755/03/311756/05/19Mathew Moriarty (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/18/151ADM 6/18
1755/03/311769/12/20Michael Goden (d.1771) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/18/151


ADM 6/18
1755/04/11 Benjamin Hall (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/18/154ADM 6/18
1755/04/191760/08/11Walter Taylor (d.1760) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/18/157ADM 6/18
1755/04/191770/11/16Edward Collingwood (1694-1779) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/18/157

Superannuated c.16.11.1770

ADM 6/18
1755/04/191776/02/29John Towers (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/18/157

Superannuated 29.2.1776

ADM 6/18
1755/04/191776/10/09Roger Gastrill (d.1783) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/18/157ADM 6/18
1756/04/061767/04/29Amos Hatcher (d.bef.1767) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/18/251ADM 6/18
1756/05/19 Mathew Moriarty (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/18/268ADM 6/18
1756/06/10 Robert Haswell (Gibraltar) ADM 6/18/278ADM 6/18
1756/06/161760/08/11Charles Bowes (d.1766) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/18/282ADM 6/18
1758/10/10 Benjamin Lyon (Antigua) ADM 6/18/545ADM 6/18
1758/11/20 Richard Hamilton (Halifax Dockyard) ADM 6/19/6ADM 6/19
1759/08/08 David Patterson (Gibraltar) ADM 6/19/101ADM 6/19
1760/08/11 Charles Bowes (d.1766) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/19/188ADM 6/19
1760/08/111761/05/28Thomas Cosway (d.1776) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/19/188ADM 6/19
1761/05/281761/09/25Joseph Ballvaird (d.1761) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/19/320ADM 6/19
1761/05/281769/12/20Thomas Cosway (d.1776) (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/19/320ADM 6/19
1761/09/261766/10/21Philip Poulglass (d.1768) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/140ADM 6/20
1766/10/211767/04/29Magnus Falconer (d.bef.1785) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/140ADM 6/20
1766/10/211768/05/26Philip Poulglass (d.1768) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/20/140ADM 6/20
1767/04/291768/06/01William Hammond (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/167ADM 6/20
1767/04/291776/02/29Magnus Falconer (d.bef.1785) (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/20/167ADM 6/20
1768/06/011769/12/20William Hammond (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/20/205ADM 6/20
1768/06/011769/12/20John Delamott (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/205ADM 6/20
1769/12/201770/11/16Thomas Cosway (d.1776) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/20/265ADM 6/20
1769/12/201770/11/16William Hammond (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/20/265ADM 6/20
1769/12/201770/11/16William Nichelson (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/20/265ADM 6/20
1769/12/201772/11/10John Delamott (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/20/265


ADM 6/20
1770/11/16 William Hammond (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/20/316ADM 6/20
1770/11/16 William Nichelson (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/20/316ADM 6/20
1770/11/16 John Covey (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/20/316ADM 6/20
1770/11/161776/10/06Thomas Cosway (d.1776) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/20/316ADM 6/20
1772/11/101776/02/29Peter Robinson (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/20/464ADM 6/20
1775/08/091776/02/29Joseph Gilbert (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/21/112ADM 6/21
1775/08/12 Richard Prowse (Halifax) ADM 6/21/114ADM 6/21
1776/02/29 Peter Robinson (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/21/164ADM 6/21
1776/02/291776/10/09Joseph Gilbert (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/21/165ADM 6/21
1776/02/291776/10/09Benjamin Hunter (d.1791) (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/21/165ADM 6/21
1776/02/291785/09/21Magnus Falconer (d.bef.1785) (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/21/164ADM 6/21
1776/10/09 Roger Gastrill (d.1783) (Deptford Dockyard) ADM 6/21/218ADM 6/21
1776/10/09 Joseph Gilbert (Portsmouth Dockyard) ADM 6/21/218ADM 6/21
1776/10/09 Benjamin Hunter (d.1791) (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/21/218ADM 6/21
1776/10/09 John Westcott (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/21/218ADM 6/21
17791783Benjamin Hunter (d.1791) (Woolwich Dockyard)ref:567
1779/08/19 William Forfar (Jamaica Dockyard) ADM 6/22/18ADM 6/22
1780/02/22 Alexander Mackay (Antigua Dockyard) ADM 6/22/92ADM 6/22
1781/01/01 John Holman (New York Dockyard) ADM 6/22/220ADM 6/22
1781/01/29 John Madgshon (Harwich Dockyard) ADM 6/22/240ADM 6/22
17841784/01/28Samuel Hemmans (New York Dockyard) ADM 6/23/188ADM 6/23
1784/01/281786/12/12Samuel Hemmans (Halifax Dockyard) ADM 6/23/188ADM 6/23
17851785/09/21Richard Prowse (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/23/299ADM 6/23
1785/09/21 John Westcott (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/23/299ADM 6/23
1785/09/211786/12/12John Madgshon (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/23/299ADM 6/23
1785/09/211810/12/31Richard Prowse (Woolwich Dockyard) ADM 6/23/299ADM 6/23
17861791Benjamin Hunter (d.1791) (Deptford Dockyard)ref:567
1786/12/12 John Madgshon (Chatham Dockyard) ADM 6/23/368ADM 6/23
1786/12/12 Thomas Read (Halifax Dockyard) ADM 6/23/368ADM 6/23
1786/12/121794/04/14Samuel Hemmans (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/23/368ADM 6/23
1790/04/14 James Smith (Plymouth Dockyard) ADM 6/24/23ADM 6/24
1790/04/19 John Crane (Sheerness Dockyard) ADM 6/24/25ADM 6/24