Master Attendant, Deptford Dockyard - Deptford - British

An officer in the royal dock-yards, appointed to hasten, and. assist at, the fitting-out or dismantling, removing or securing vessels of war, &c. at the port where he resides. He is particularly to observe, that his Majesty's ships are securely moored; and for this purpose he is expected frequently to review the moorings which are sunk in the harbour, and observe that they are kept in proper repair to be always ready when occasion requires. It is also his duty to visit all the ships in ordinary, and see that they are frequently cleaned and kept in order; and to attend at the general musters in the dock-yards, taking care that all the officers, artificers, and labourers, registered in the navy-books, are present at their duty.


Date fromDate toHolderSource
17021702/02/05William Wright (d.1735)ADM 6/7
1702/02/09 Thomas Jennings (d.1723)ADM 6/7
1703/041705/02Thomas Harlow (d.1741)ref:1059
1705/01/22 Richard Clarke ADM 6/8/145ADM 6/8
1706/12/181707John KnappADM 6/9
1712/05/211720/02Thomas Harlow (d.1741)

Resigned about February 1720.

ADM 6/11
1720/02/171727/08/24Walter Lunn (d.1738/39) ADM 6/12/195ADM 6/12
1727/08/251739/01/06Walter Lunn (d.1738/39) ADM 6/13/157ADM 6/13
1739/01/061744/11/24John Goodwin (d.1755) ADM 6/15/156ADM 6/15
1744/11/24 Piercy Brett (d.1752) ADM 6/16/392ADM 6/16
1744/12/011747/08/05Richard Dennis (d.bef.1747) ADM 6/16/396ADM 6/16
1747/08/05 John Goodwin (d.1755) ADM 6/17/255ADM 6/17
1755/04/191770/11/16Edward Collingwood (1694-1779) ADM 6/18/157

Superannuated c.16.11.1770

ADM 6/18
1770/11/161776/10/06Thomas Cosway (d.1776) ADM 6/20/316ADM 6/20
1776/10/09 Roger Gastrill (d.1783) ADM 6/21/218ADM 6/21
17861791Benjamin Hunter (d.1791)ref:567

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