Vice-Admiral of the Coast, Lancashire - England - British

Posts established in each of the twenty maritime counties of England, the North and South of Wales, and the four provinces of Ireland. The officer holders, designated as "vice-admirals", were responsible for naval administration in their county, and were deputies of Lord High Admiral.

Date fromDate toHolderSource
15691572/10/24Lord Edward Stanley (3rd Earl of Derby) (1509-1572)EWIKI
1572/10/241593/09/25Lord Henry Stanley (4th Earl of Derby) (1531-1593)EWIKI
1593/09/251594/04/16Lord Ferdinando Stanley (5th Earl of Derby) (1559-1594)EWIKI
16071638Lord William Stanley (6th Earl of Derby) (1561-1642)EWIKI
16381644James Stanley (1607-1651)EWIKI
16441650John Moore (1599-1650)EWIKI
16611672/12/21Lord Charles Stanley (8th Earl of Derby) (1628-1672)EWIKI
16731676/07/06William Banks (1636-1676)EWIKI
16841691Lord William Richard George Stanley (9th Earl of Derby) (1655-1702)EWIKI
16911701/11/04Charles Gerard (1659-1701)EWIKI
17021702Lord Richard Savage (4th Earl Rivers) (1654-1712)EWIKI
17021712Lord James Stanley (10th Earl of Derby) (1664-1736)EWIKI
17121712Lord James Hamilton (1st Duke of Brandon) (1658-1712)EWIKI
18311851/06/30Edward Smith-Stanley (1775-1851)EWIKI

Other Vice-Admiral of the Coast locations

Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Leinster, Norfolk, South Cornwall, Suffolk, Westmorland,