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CTB-28Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 28, 1714 English
GDM01Gazeta de Madrid Spanish
B170Official Register of Officers of the United States English
USNR-1834US Naval Register for 1834 English
USNR-1814US Naval Register for 1814 English
USNR-1818US Naval Register for 1818 English
USNR-1819US Naval Register for 1819 English
USNR-1820US Naval Register for 1820 English
USNR-1821US Naval Register for 1821 English
USNR-1822US Naval Register for 1822 English
USNR-1823US Naval Register for 1823 English
USNR-1824US Naval Register for 1824 English
USNR-1825US Naval Register for 1825 English
USNR-1826US Naval Register for 1826 English
USNR-1827US Naval Register for 1827 English
USNR-1829US Naval Register for 1829 English
USNR-1830US Naval Register for 1830 English
USNR-1831US Naval Register for 1831 English
USNR-1832US Naval Register for 1832 English
USNR-1833US Naval Register for 1833 English
USNR-1835US Naval Register for 1835 English
USNR-1836US Naval Register for 1836 English
W052Officers of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in the War of 1812 English
OCNMCOfficers of the Continental Navy and Marine Corps English
SPD-C2Calendar of State Papers: Domestic: Charles II English
CTB-09Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 09, 1689-1692 English
LH1797Lijst en Staet van's Lands Zeemagt in Juni 1797 Dutch
JHL-10Journals of the House of Lords English
FMRFrench Muster Rolls from the Battle of Trafalgar English, French
NRARNaval Records of the American Revolution 1775-1788 English
HCA26HCA 26 1689-1809 High Court of Admiralty1809English
ADM 6ADM 6 Admiralty Service Records English
ADM 1ADM 1 Admiralty: Correspondence and Papers English
ADM 2ADM 2 Admiralty: Out-Letters English
ADM 3ADM 3 Admiralty: Minutes English
ADM 4ADM 4 Admiralty: Letters Patent English
ADM 5ADM 5 Admiralty and predecessors: Letters Patent English
ADM 7ADM 7 Admiralty: Miscellanea (1563-1956) English
ADM8ADM 8/1-174 Admiralty: List Books English
NL1843The Navy List 1843 English
ref:523ASVe SA - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Senato, Arsenal Italian
ref:524ASVe SM - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Senato, Mar Italian
ref:526ASVe PPA Archivio di stato, Venezia Italian
ref:527ASVe PA - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Provveditori all'Armar Italian
ref:528ASVe PTM - Archivio di Stato, Venezia Italian
ref:544ASVe AC - Archivio di Stato Venezia Italian
ref:546Biblioteca Querini Stampalia, Venezia Italian
ADM/LADM/L - Navy Board, Lieutenants' Logs English
ref:587Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Vol 4, 1587-1603 English