Battle of Matapan

Batalha do Cabo de Matapão

19th July 1717
Part of : Seventh Ottoman-Venetian War (1714 - 1718)
Previous action : Battle of Imbros 12th June 1717 - 14th June 1717
Next action : Battle of Cervi 20th July 1718


Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Fleet (52 ships, 4 Galleys), Ibrahim Pasha
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
 Unknown Fleet Flagship
Siyah At Başlı 70 
Çifte Ceylan Kıçlı 70 
Ejder Başlı 70 
Yaldızlı Hurma 70 
Kula At Başlı 68 
Şadırvan Kıçlı 66 
Beyaz At Başlı 66 
Büyük Gül Başlı 66 
Ifrit Başlı 62 
Küçük Gül Başlı 60 
Çifte Teber Kıçlı 58 
Zülfikâr Kıçlı 56 
Akçaşehir 56 
Servi Bagçeli 54 
Ay Bagçeli 54 
Yıldız Bagçeli 54 
Yaldızlı Nar Kıçlı 54 
Sarı Kuşaklı 54 
Kırmızı Kuşaklı 52 
Al At Başlı 50 
Mavi Arslan Başlı 44 
Güneş Kıçlı 44 
Kuş Bagçeli Karavele 44 
Taç Başlı 40 
Yıldız Kıçlı 40 
Mavi Kıçlı Karavele 38 
Yılan Başlı 34 
Siyah Arslan Başlı Unknown 
Yeşil Kuşaklı Unknown 

Allied (Portugal, Malta & Venice) - Lodovico Diedo

Van Division (8 ships)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Madonna dell' Arsenal 70 Fleet Flagship
Leone Trionfante 76 
Madonna della Salute 70 
Costanza 70 
San Pio Quinto 70 
Aquila Valiera 70 
Center and Rear Divisions (15 ships)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Grand Alessandro 70 Squadron Flagship
Corona 74 
San Lorenzo Zustinian 70 
Terror 70 
Gloria Veneta 70 
4th Division, Lopo Furtado de Mendonça (Conde de Rio Grande)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Nossa Senhora da Conceição 80Count de Rio GrandeSquadron Flagship
Nossa Senhora de Pilar 70Manuel André dos Santo
Sao Jorge 66Gillet du Bocage
Santa Rosa 66João Baptista
Santa Caterina 64 
Nossa Senhora da Assuncao 60Fiscal Pedro de Sousa Castelo Branco
Sao Lourenço 58Bartolomeu Freire de Araújo
Rainha dos Anjos 56João Pereira de Avila
San Raimondo 40 
Galleys (24 Galleys)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes


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Posted by Brian on Friday 20th of June 2014 17:53

The London Gazette
Publication date:30 July 1717
Paris, Aug. 4, We had letters by the last post from Italy, which gives various accounts of an engagement between the Turkish and Venetian fleets. They tell us, that the Turks having 40 men of war, attacked the Venetians who had but 28, on the 12th of June, and that the fight lasted from two in the afternoon till night, that it was renewed on the 16th at nine in the morning, and held several hours; that the turks retired first towards the Dardanelles, and the Venetians between Cape St. Angelo and Cape Matapan. From Durazzo tis advised, that the Venetians lost three of their ships; but the advices from the other parts say on the contrary, that three Turkish sultans were sunk, that not one ship of the Venetian fleet was missing, that the Colomba Man of War was much damaged. Sig. Flangini, who commanded the Venetians was killed with a musket ball, his nephew wounded, and about 500 men were killed and 700 wounded. The Captain Gene al Pisani, who commanded the Gallies and light ships of the Venetian fleet, being joined by the Portuguese and Maltese squadrons, sailed from Corfu on the 30th of June to reinforce the large men of war which had sustained the two fore mentioned engagements with the Turks.

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