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Capture of Fort Louis

9th March 1758 - 24th May 1758
Part of : Seven Years' War (1756/05/17 - 1763/02/10)
Previous action : Battle of Cartagena 28.2.1758
Next action : Battle of Cuddalore 29.4.1758

A British expedition of two ships of the line with 13 supporting vessels and transports attacked and took Fort Louis in Sénégal which surrendered on 1st May but failed in their attempt to also capture Gorée.


Great Britain -
William MarshBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1732-1762

British Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Nassau (64) 1740-1770
British 64 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
James SayerBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1736-1777
Harwich (50) 1743-1760
British 50 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
William MarshBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1732-1762
Squadron Flagship
Rye (20) 1746-1763
British 20 Gun
6th Rate Ship
Alexander CampbellBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1740-1758
Swan (14) 1745-1763
British 14 Gun
Unrated Sloop
John WilsonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1743-1763
London (18) 1757-1758
British 18 Gun
Hired Armed Vessel
Henry ScottBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1735-1762
Portsmouth (6) 1756-1758
British 6 Gun
Unrated Storeship
James OrrokBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1736-1783



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Posted by grammont on Sunday 6th of March 2022 18:59

The 74th Foot were not present at the taking of Fort Louis as they only arrived to garrison the fort in July 1758.
See Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 11, January 1759 - December 1763 at British History Online where it states:

Mr. Cumming referred to Mr. Johnson, who being also attending without was called in, and being examined as to his knowledge of the state of the river and the nature of the trade, gave information, the substance of which was as follows; viz. that he went out to Senegal with the four companies of Talbot's Regiment stationed there in capacity of Agent Victualler; that he arrived there in July 1758;

Posted by Cy on Sunday 6th of March 2022 17:46

Unfortunately there are about 300 attempts a week to post spam links. Blame the perpetrators not us.

Posted by Andrew Ross Davidson-Maxwell on Sunday 6th of March 2022 16:10

The 74th Regiment of Foot (1758-1763) was present at this battle


Krosnoskaf contributors. "1758 - British expedition against Fort Louis in Senegal." Kronoskaf: The Virtual Time Machine. June 1, 2021. "The difficulty being got over, the fort was occupied by a detachment of 200 men of the 74th Regiment of Foot (Talbot's). In it, 92 guns were found and, with it, 16 craft of various sizes were given up. The entire estimated value of the capture was about £200,000. Podor, and other stations further up the river, were included in the capitulation. For his services Mr. Gumming was granted a pension during his lifetime. These possessions had long supplied black slaves to the French settlements in the West Indies and for that reason their loss was soon severely felt."

Wikipedia contributors. "74th Regiment of Foot." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. August 20, 2021. "It was formed from the 2nd Battalion of the 36th Regiment of Foot and saw service in the British Expedition against Fort Louis."

At the time, the 74th would have been under the command of Maj-Gen. Sherrington Talbot (1699-1763).

Quite frustrating to not be able to link to these sources directly!

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