2nd Battle of Cuddalore

20th June 1783
Part of : The American War of Independence (1775/04/19 - 1784/01/14)
Previous action : Attack on Turk's Island 7.3.1783 - 8.3.1783
Next action : Affair in Delaware Bay 29.7.1813


Royaume de France

French Line of Battle, Pierre-Andre de Suffren (1725/26-1788)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Le Sphinx (64)  
Le Brillant (64)  
Fendant (74)  
Le Flamand (56)  
Ajax (64) Dupas de la Manceliere
L'Annibal (74)  
L'Argonaute (74)  
Héros (74)  Fleet Flagship
L'Illustre (74)  Squadron Flagship
Le Saint Michel (60)  
Vengeur (64)  
Sévère (64)  
Petit Hannibal (50)  
Hardi (64)  
L'Artesien (64)  
Not in the Line
Ship NameCommanderNotes
L'Apollon (40)  
Cleopatre (32)  
Le Coventry (28)  

Great Britain

British Line of Battle, Edward Hughes (1720-1794)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Defence (74) Thomas Newnham (d.1795)
Isis (50) Thomas Newnham (d.1795)
Gibraltar (80) Thomas Hickes (1731-1801)Squadron Flagship
Inflexible (64) The Hon. John Whitmore Chetwynd (1754-1788)
Monmouth (64) James Alms (1728-1791)
Africa (64) Robert M'Dougall (1729-1816)
Eagle (64) Ambrose Reddall (d.1791), William Clark (d.1802)
Worcester (64) Charles Hughes
Sultan (74) Andrew Mitchell (1757-1806)
Superb (74) Henry Newcome (d.1797)Fleet Flagship
Monarca (68) John Gell (d.1806)
Burford (68) Peter Rainier (1741-1808)
Sceptre (64) Samuel Graves
Magnanime (64) Charles Wolseley (1741-1808)
Hero (74) Henry Newcome (d.1797), Theophilius JonesSquadron Flagship Flagship of Commodore Richard King
Bristol (50) James Burney
Exeter (64) Robert Montagu, John Samuel Smith
Cumberland (74) William Allen (1728-1804)
Not in the Line
Ship NameCommanderNotes
San Carlos (22) John Samuel Smith, William White (d.1801)
Harriott (22) Thomas Stephenson
Chaser (18) Edward Buller (1764-1824)
Juno (32) James Montagu (1752-1794)
Medea (28) Erasmus Gower (1742-1814)
Seahorse (24) Robert Montagu
Pondicherry (18) Thomas Saunders Grove (d.1814)



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Posted by Tim Oakley on Monday 4th of September 2017 06:06

I have the captains for the French fleet as:
Battle of Cuddalore
Ships under Admiral Suffren

Sphinx64 Captain De Laroche
Brillant64 Captain Kersauson
Fendant74 Captain Peynier
Flamand56 Captain De Salvert
Ajax64 Captain De Lamonceliere
Petit-Annibal50 Captain De Beaulieu [Ex British ship]
Argonaute74 Captain De Clavieres
Heros74 Captain De Moissac Fleet Flagship
Illustre74 Captain Bruyeres Squadron Flagship
Saint-Michel60 Captain Beaumont-Lemaitre
Vengeur64 Captain De Cuverville
Severe64 Captain De Langle
Annibal74 Captain D'Aymar
Hardi64 Captain Kerhue
Artesien64 Captain De Maurville

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