Battle of Cape Spartel

20th October 1782
Part of : The American War of Independence (1775/04/19 - 1784/01/14)
Previous action : Action of 18 October 1782 18.10.1782
Next action : Ruby v La Solitaire 6.12.1782


Allied (Royaume de France & Spain)

The Spanish Ships
Ship NameCommanderNotes
The French Ships, Chevalier Jean Guillaume Toussaint Picquet (Comte de la Motte) (1720-1791)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Unengaged Spanish Ships
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Unengaged French Ships
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Ship NameCommanderNotes
L'Invincible (100) Chevalier Jean Guillaume Toussaint Picquet (Comte de la Motte) (1720-1791)
San Vicente Ferrer (80)  
Rayo (80)  
San Fernando (80) Tomas Geraldino
España (74)  
África (74) Jose Antonio Eulalio Peralta y Rivera de las Roelas
San Juan Bautista (74)  
San Justo (74)  
San Isidro (74) Justo Riquelme y Salafranca
San Lorenzo (74) Juan Araoz
San Eugenio (70) Antonio Del Monte, Ignacio Duque de Estrada
Santa Isabel (68)  
Brillante (68)  
Septentrion (64)  
San Isidoro (64)  2 Wounded
San Julian (64) Francisco Hidalgo de Cisneros y la Torre
Astuto (60)  
Castilla (60)  
Santa Natalia (22) Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros y la Torre

Great Britain

The Vanguard Squadron - Lead Division, The Hon. Samuel Barrington (1729-1800)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Britannia (100) Joseph Peyton (1725-1804), Benjamin Hill (c.1736-1785)Squadron Flagship
Atlas (98) George Vandeput (d.1800)
Royal William (84) John Carter Allen (1724-1800)
Ganges (74) Charles Fielding (1738-1783)
Goliath (74) Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807)
Panther (60) Robert Simonton (c.1737-1768)
Ruby (64) John Collins (c.1734-1794)
The Vanguard Squadron - Rear Division
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Blenheim (90) Adam Duncan (1731-1804)Squadron Flagship
Foudroyant (80) John Jervis (1734/35-1823)
Edgar (74) William Cayley (1742-1801)
Suffolk (74) Sir George Home (7th Baronet of Blackadder) (1740-1803)
Polyphemus (64) The Hon. William Clement Finch (1753-1794)
Vigilant (64) John Leigh Douglas (1741-1810)
The Main Squadron - Lead Division, Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Victory (100) The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792), Henry Duncan (1735-1814)Fleet Flagship
Princess Royal (98) Jonathon Faulknor (c.1729-1795)
Alexander (74) Lord Edward Michael Pakenham (2nd Baron Longford) (1743-1792)
Crown (64) Samuel Reeve (c.1732-1803)
Sampson (64) John Harvey (1740-1794)
The Main Squadron - Rear Division, Lord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Queen (90) William Domett (1754-1828)
Bellona (74) Richard Onslow (1741-1817)
Egmont (74) James Ferguson (1723-1793)
Asia (64) Richard Rodney Bligh (1737-1821)
The Rearguard Squadron - Lead Division, Sir Richard Hughes (2nd Baronet of East Bergholt) (c.1724-1812)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Princess Amelia (80) John Reynolds (d.1793)Squadron Flagship
Dublin (74) Archibald Dickson (c.1739-1803)
Fortitude (74) George Keppel
Bienfaisant (64) John Howorth (c.1729-1801)
Raisonable (64) Lord John Augustus Hervey (1757-1796)
The Rearguard Squadron - Rear Division, Mark Milbanke (1724-1805)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Ocean (90) Richard Boger (1739-1822)Squadron Flagship
Union (90) John Dalrymple (1722-1798)
Cambridge (80) The Hon. Keith Stewart (1739-1795)
Vengeance (74) John Moutray (d.1785)
Buffalo (30) John Holloway (1747-1826)
British Frigates and Other Vessels
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Latona (38) Hugh Seymour Conway (d.1801)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Berwick (74) The Hon. Charles Phipps (1753-1786)



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