2nd Battle of Cape St Vincent

14th February 1797
Part of : The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)
Previous action : Chase of the Droits de l'Homme 14.1.1797
Next action : Capture of Trinidad 16.2.1797 - 17.2.1797


Spain - José de Córdoba y Ramos (1732-1815)

Vanguard, Francisco Javier Morales de los Ríos (1732-1815)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Infante Don Pelayo (74) Don Cayetano Valdes y Flores (1767-1834)4 killed, 4 wounded
San Pablo (74)  
Purisima Concepcion (112) Jose de EscañoSquadron Flagship 8 killed, 21 wounded
Santo Domingo (60) Manuel Maria de Torres Valdivia2 killed
Conquistador (74) Jose Butler6 killed
San Juan Nepomuceno (74) Antonio Boneo
San Genaro (68) Agustín Villavicencio
Main Battle Line, José de Córdoba y Ramos (1732-1815)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Mejicano (112) Francisco de Herrera y Cruzat (1738-1797)25 killed, 88 wounded CO Killed
Oriente (68) Juan Suárez8 killed, 20 wounded
Soberano (74) Francisco Ley (d.1797)25 killed, 79 wounded CO Killed
Nuestra Señora de la Santisima Trinidad (136) Ciriaco CevallosFleet Flagship 69 killed, 233 wounded
San Nicolas de Bari (80) Tomas Geraldino144 killed, 59 wounded Captured
San Isidro (74) Teodoro de Argumosa y Bourke29 killedm 63 wounded Captured
Salvador del Mundo (112) Antonio Yepes (d.1797)42 killed, 124 wounded Captured
San Ildefonso (74) Rafael Maestre
Rearguard, Juan Joaquin Moreno
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Conde de Regla (112) de Morteaux (Chevalier de Morteaux)9 killed, 44 wounded
San Fermín (74) Jose de Torres
La Ferme (74) Bruno Ayala
Principe de Asturias (112) Antonio de Escaño (1750-1814)Squadron Flagship 10 killed, 19 wounded
San Antonio (74) Salvador Medina
Glorioso (68) Juan Aguirre
Atlante (68) Gonzálo Vallejo6 killed, 5 wounded
San Francisco de Paula (74) José Ussel de Guimbarba
San José (114) Pedro Pineda46 killed, 96 wounded Captured
Vessels not in line
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Ceres (40) Ignacio de Olaeta Rearguard
Santa Matilda (38)   Rearguard
Diana (34)   Rearguard
Perla (34)   Vanguard
Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (34) Jose de Varela Vanguard
Nuestra Señora de la Paz (34)   Main Battle Line
Nuestra Señora de Atocha (34)   Rearguard
Vigilante (18)   Main Battle Line

Great Britain - John Jervis (1734/35-1823)

Line of Battle
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Culloden (74) Thomas Troubridge (1758-1807)10 killed, 47 wounded
Blenheim (98) Thomas Lennox Frederick (1750-1799)12 killed, 49 wounded
Prince George (98) John Irwin (d.1812)8 killed, 7 wounded
Orion (74) Sir James Saumarez (1757-1836)9 wounded
Colossus (74) Richard Grindall, George Murray5 wounded
Irresistible (74) George Martin (1765-1847)5 killed, 14 wounded
Victory (100) George Grey (d.1828)Fleet Flagship 1 Killed, 5 wounded
Egmont (74) John Suttonno casualties
Goliath (74) Sir Charles Henry Knowles (2nd Baronet) (1754-1831)8 wounded
Barfleur (98) James Richard Dacres (1749-1810)Squadron Flagship 7 wounded
Britannia (100) Thomas Foley (1755-1833)Squadron Flagship 1 wounded
Namur (90) James Hawkins-Whitshed (1762-1849)2 killed, 5 wounded
Captain (74) Ralph Willett Miller (d.1799)Squadron Flagship 24 killed, 56 wounded
Diadem (64) George Henry Towry (1767-1809)2 wounded
Excellent (74) Cuthbert Collingwood (1750-1810)11 killed, 12 wounded
Vessels not in the line
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Minerve (38) George Cockburn (1772-1853)
Lively (32) Benjamin Hallowell (1761-1834)
Niger (32) Edward James Foote
Southampton (32) James Macnamara
Terpsichore (32) Richard Bowen (1761-1797)
Bonne Citoyenne (20) Sir Charles Lindsay (d.1799)
Raven (18) John Giffard, William Prowse
Fox (12) John Gibson (d.1797)



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Posted by Tim Oakley on Wednesday 6th of April 2016 18:51

after the battle Don Josef de Cordova was deprived of all his offices, declared incapable of ever serving in any rank, and prohibited from appearing at court, or in any of the chief towns of the maritime coasts. The second in command, Count Morales de los Rios, was deprived of his rank. The Captains, Don Gonzales Vallego, Don Juan de Agairre, , and Don Augustine Villavicencio, were deprived of their rank; and the latter declared incapable in future of holding any other.

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