Battle of Camperdown

11th October 1797
Part of : The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780 - 1784)
Previous action : Patriot vs Cameleon 13.8.1781
Next action : Retaking of the Crash 11.8.1799


Batavian Republic - Jan Willem de Winter (1761-1812)

Dutch Fleet, Jan Willem de Winter (1761-1812)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Gelikheid (68) H. A . Ruijsch40 killed Captured
Beschermer (50) Dooitze Eelkes Hinxt (1741-1797) CO Killed
Hercules (66) Ruijsoort Captured
Admiraal Tjerk Hiddes de Vries (68) J. B. Zegers Captured
Vrijheid (74) L. W. van Rossum (d.1798)Fleet Flagship 58 killed, 98 wounded Captured
Staaten Generaal (74) Samuel Story (1752-1811)20 killed, 40 wounded
Wassenaer (68)  † Captured
Batavia (50)  
Brutus (76)  Squadron Flagship 10 killed, 50 wounded
Leiden (68)  
Mars (64)  
Cerberus (68)  5 killed, 9 wounded
Jupiter (74)  †61 killed Captured
Haarlem (68)   Captured
Alkmaar (50)  26 killed, 62 wounded Captured
Delft (54) Gerrit Verdooren van Asperen (1757-1824)43 killed, 76 wounded Captured
Dutch minor vessels
Ship NameCommanderNotes

Great Britain - Adam Duncan (1731-1804)

Weather Column
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Triumph (74) William Essington10 killed, 78 wounded
Venerable (74) Sir William George Fairfax (1739-1813)Fleet Flagship 15 killed, 62 wounded
Ardent (64) Richard Rundle Burgess (1754-1797)41 killed, 107 wounded CO Killed
Bedford (74) Sir Thomas Byard (d.1798)30 killed, 41 wounded
Lancaster (64) John Wells3 killed, 18 wounded
Belliqueux (64)  25 killed, 78 wounded
Adamant (50) William Hotham (1772-1848)No casualties
Isis (50) William Mitchell (1746-1816)2 killed, 21 wounded
Circe (28) Peter HalkettNo casualties
Lee Column, Sir Richard Onslow (1st Baronet of Althain) (1741-1817)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Russell (74) Henry Trollope (1756-1839)7 wounded
Director (64) William Bligh (1754-1817)7 wounded
Montagu (74) John Knight (1747-1831)3 killed, 5 wounded
Veteran (64) George Gregory4 killled, 21 wounded
Monarch (74) Edward O'Bryen (1753-1808)Squadron Flagship 36 killed, 100 wounded
Powerful (74) William O'Bryen Drury (d.1811)10 killed, 78 wounded
Monmouth (64) James Walker (1764-1831)5 killed, 22 wounded
Agincourt (64) John Williamson (d.1798)No casualties
Beaulieu (40) Francis Fayerman (d.1819)No
Minor vessels
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Martin (16) Charles Paget (1778-1839)
King George (12) John Rains
Speculator (12) H. Hales
Rose (10) Joseph Brodie (d.1816)
Active (10)   Lieut. J. Hamilton?
Diligent (6)   Lieut. T. Dawson??



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Posted by Bob on Tuesday 12th of June 2018 13:18

This is fantastic
Kind regards
Bob smith coaches,Sunderland Tyne and Wear

Posted by Cy on Sunday 4th of March 2018 18:37

It is always harder to trace a member of the crew rather than an officer. The ships muster books are really the only source. They may contain the period of service, how he was recruited aboard and where he went afterwards.
The admiral's personal papers may also contin passing references, but this is less likely.

Posted by Jim Izatt on Sunday 4th of March 2018 15:13

I have been trying to find out about a John Farquhar who was on board HMS Venerable at the battle of Camperdown. He was Admiral Duncans Steward and is on the muster role. Any suggestions where further information coold be found would be useful

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