Battle of the Nile

Battle of Aboukir Bay

Bataille d'Aboukir

1st August 1798
Part of : The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)
Previous action : Action of 1798-07-15 15th July 1798
Next action : Capture of the Aventurier 3rd August 1798 - 4th August 1798


République française (Marine Nationale) - François Paul de Brueys d'Aigailliers

French Fleet, François Paul de Brueys d'Aigailliers
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Le Guerrier 74Jean François Timothée Trulletnear 350 to 400 casualties Captured
Le Conquérant 74Etienne Dalbarde130 killed, 90 wounded Captured
Le Spartiate 74Maurice Julien Émeriau de Beauverger64 killed and 150 wounded Captured
L'Aquilon 74Antoine René Thévenard87 killed and 213 wounded Captured
Peuple Souverain 74Louis Léonce Trullet96 killed, 150 wounded Captured
Le Franklin 84Maurice GilletSquadron Flagship near 400 casualties Captured
Orient 118Luc Julien Joseph CasabiancaFleet Flagship near 1000 casualties Exploded
Le Tonnant 84Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars110 killed, 150 wounded Captured
L'Heureux 74Jean Pierre ÉtienneLight casualties Captured
Le Mercure 74 Light casualties Captured
Le Guillaume Tell 84 Squadron Flagship Light casualties
Le Généreux 74Louis-Jean-Nicolas LejoilleLight casualties
Timoléon 74Louis Léonce TrulletLight casualties
French Frigate Squadron, Denis Decrés
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
La Serieuse 32Claude Jean MartinHeavy casualties Sunk
L'Artémise 32Pierre-Jean StandeletLight casualties and sunk by her crew
Justice 44 
La Diane 40Éléonor Jean Nicolas SoleilSquadron Flagship

Great Britain

British Fleet, Sir Horatio Nelson
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Vanguard 74Edward BerryFleet Flagship 30 killed, 76 wounded
Alexander 74Alexander John Ball
Audacious 74Davidge Gould
Bellerophon 74Henry D'Esterre-Darby
Culloden 74Thomas Troubridge
Defence 74John Peyton
Goliath 74Thomas Foley
Majestic 74George Blagden Westcott50 killed, 143 wounded CO Killed
Minotaur 74Sir Thomas Louis
Orion 74Sir James Saumarez
Swiftsure 74Benjamin Hallowell
Theseus 74Ralph Willett Miller5 killed, 30 wounded
Zealous 74Samuel Hood
Leander 52Thomas Boulden Thompson
Pigmy 14William Shepheard
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Mutine 18Thomas Masterman Hardy



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The London Gazette
Publication date:2 October 1798
A return of the killed and wounded in his Majesty's ships under the command of Sir Horatio Nelson K.B. Rear-Admiral of the Blue in action with the French, at anchor, on the 1st. of August 1798 off the mouth of the Nile

Theseus - 5 seamen killed; 1 officer, 24 seamen, 5 marines wounded.
Alexander - 1 officer, 13 seamen killed; 5 officer, 48 seamen, 5 marines wounded.
Vangaurd - 3 officers, 20 seamen 7 marines killed; 7 officers, 60 seamen, 8 marines wounded
Minotaur - 2 officers, 18 seamen, 3 marines killed; 4 officers, 54 seamen, 6 marines wounded.
Swiftsure - 7 seamen killed; 1 officer, 19 seamen, 2 marines wounded.
Audacious - 1 seamen killed; 2 officer, 31 seamen, 2 marines wounded.
Defence - 3 seamen, 1 marine killed; 9 seamen, 2 marines wounded.
Zealous - 1 seaman killed, 7 seamen wounded.
Orion - 1 officer, 11 seamen, 1 marine killed; 5 officers, 18 seaman 6 marines wounded.
Goliath - 2 officers, 12 seamen, 7 marines killed; 4 officer, 28 seaman, 9 marines wounded.
Majestic - 3 officer, 33 seamen, 14 marines killed; 3 officers, 124 seamen, 16 marines wounded.
Bellerophon - 4 officer, 32 seamen, 13 marines killed; 5 officers, 126 seamen, 17 marines wounded.
Leander - 14 seamen wounded.
Horatio Nelson

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