Battle of Lemnos

Battle of Mount Athos

Battle of Monte Sancto

30th June 1807
Part of : Russo-Turkish War (1806 - 1812)
Previous action : Bombardment of Trabzon 23rd June 1807 - 24th June 1807
Next action : Action of 1809-04-10 10th April 1809


Ottoman Empire

Turkish Fleet, Seydi Ali

Turkish light forces consisted of 2 corvettes of 32 guns, 1 corvette of 28 guns and 2 brigs of 18 guns. One of the 32-gun corvettes was burnt on 2 July. In addition to the losses recorded below a further ship of the line (possibly Bais-ı Nusret) and a further frigate (possibly Fatkih-i Zafer) were burnt off Thasos on 4 July as they were not able to return to the Dardanelles with the rest of the fleet.

Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Mesudiye 118 Fleet Flagship Flag of Seydi Ali Pasha
Tavus-i Bahri 82 Squadron Flagship Flag of Şeremet Bey
Anka-yı Bahri 76 Squadron Flagship Flag of Hüseyin Kapudan
Seddülbahir 76 Squadron Flagship Captured Flag of Bekir Bey
Tevfiknüma 82 
Beşaretnüma 76  Burnt 2 July
Heybetendaz 76 
Sayyad-i Bahri 74 
Kilidülbahir 74 
Bais-ı Nusret 74 
Mesken-i Gazi 50 
Bedr-i Zafer 50 
Fatkih-i Zafer 44 
Iskenderiye 44 
Nesim-i Zafer 40  Burnt 2 July


Russian Fleet, Dmitry Nikolayevich Seniavin
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Rafail 80 Lukin
Selafail 74 
Moshchnyi 66 
Tvyordyi 80 Fleet Flagship Flag of Dmitry Seniavin
Skoryi 66 
Silnyi 74 
Arkhangel Uriil 80 
Iaroslav 74 
Retvizan 64 Squadron Flagship Flag of Aleksey Greig
Sviataia Elena 74 

Notes on Action

Battle of Athos 1807: Turkish StoryNWF

A short but hopefully useful, summary-style Turkish view of the battle of Athos from Ottoman archives' Imperial Firmans collection. It is a one leaf "hulasa" or summary of a full and doubtlessly very long, detailed roll. Such summaries are made for the Sultan who cannot spare long hours to read just one report, but these contain all the vital details.

Translation provided by Emir Yenir on the Naval Warfare Forum and reproduced here with his permission


BOA HAT.998/41915


The Summary of the Kapudan Pasha Seydi Ali’s Investigation,


It was already told that efforts were made to keep a presence until Seydi Ali Pasha set sail from the vicinity of Imbros and besieged the fortress of Tenedos. On 24 Rabi II Monday, the enemy was spotted. As the [conditions] were inconvenient to give battle in the vicinity of Tenedos, Ali Pasha zigzagged between Tenedos and Eski Istanbul (a location near today’s Balýkesir) until 9 o’clock (21:00 or 09:00?) and [upon] the movements of enemy, he luffed up behind the island and sought to gain weather gage. An enemy two decker and a frigate were spotted at 20 miles and an attempt to attack them was made but as it was getting dark, he retreated. The next day, Tuesday, early in the morning [the fleet] went to Bozbaba Island which was thoroughly blockaded. Of the eight izbandut (Greek pirate) ships found in the port, seven were burnt and one with three masts get captured.

After departing Bozbaba Island, Ali Pasha passed the night off Lemnos. [The next day/morning] the enemy was spotted. In order to warn his flag officers and captains to get ready for the battle and to make them fight with dedication, Ali Pasha gave flag signals; then attacked the enemy. During the incessant 4.5 hours of combat, Ali Pasha get wounded from both his hands and his flagship was hit from the mainmast and rudder by shellfire and started to burn. Despite all the fleet was now under fire, [Patrona] Şeremet [Mehmed] Bey and [Riyale] Giritli Hüseyin Kapudan did not fire a single shot, thus encouraging and helping the enemy to [concentrate] fire upon Ali Pasha’s ship the Mesudiye.

In order to prevent the enemy from realizing the misery of the Ottoman Fleet, Ali Pasha was trying to put down fire aboard, encourage the crew while at the same time continued to combat despite his wounds. Enemy ships were greatly damaged with razed riggings and their commander [Seniavin] had cut contact by raising cease battle flag. Doubtlessly, they would surrender if the battle should be continued.

[Kapudane] Bekir Bey’s ship which engaged the enemy had lost her masts. Because those traitors Şeremet Bey and Hüseyin Kapudan disregarded the signal go to Bekir Bey’s help, Ali Pasha personally detached a two-decker and two frigates for his relief. But the next day, Bekir Bey was not seen anywhere and it was unknown if he was sunk or captured. The three detached ships for his help were lastly seen going on the direction of Salonica.

The [Ottoman] fleet went to the Rumelian shore with the presumption that the enemy would either go to Thassos or to Rumelia to repair his ships. As it is told in detail, Ali Pasha gave his new orders to his officers, after heavily criticising and punishing those rascals whose behavior and actions are beyond redeem. [Meanwhile] the enemy informed the Serasker (land commander) that the three vessels which sailed to Salonica are burnt, but the true events are still unknown.


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