Action of Ile Groix

Bridport's Action

23rd June 1795
Part of : The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)
Previous action : First Battle of Groix 16.6.1795 - 17.6.1795
Next action : Action of 1795-06-24 24.6.1795


Great Britain

English Fleet, Lord Alexander Arthur Hood (1st Baron Bridport) (1726-1814)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Royal George (100) William Domett (1754-1828)Fleet Flagship 7 wounded
Queen Charlotte (100) Sir Roger Curtis (Baronet ) (1746-1816)Squadron Flagship 4 killed, 32 wounded
Queen (90) William BedfordSquadron Flagship
Sans Pareil (80) William Browell (d.1831)Squadron Flagship 10 killed, 2 wounded
Prince (98) Charles Powell Hamilton (d.1825)
Prince of Wales (98) John Bazely
London (90) Edward Griffith (1767-1832)
Barfleur (98) James Richard Dacres (1749-1810)
Prince George (98)  
Orion (74) Sir James Saumarez (1757-1836)6 killed, 18 wounded
Valiant (74)  
Russell (74) John Willett Payne (1752-1803)3 killed, 10 wounded
Irresistible (74) George Martin (1765-1847)3 killed, 11 wounded
Colossus (74) John Monkton5 killed, 30 wounded
Charon (8) Walter Locke (d.1835)
Thalia (36) Richard Grindall, Harry Powlett
Revolutionaire (36) Francis Cole (d.1798)
Nymphe (36) George Murray, George Losack
Astraea (32) Harry Powlett, Richard Lane (d.1799)
Aquilon (32) Robert Barlow (1757-1843)
Babet (20) Edward Codrington (1770-1851)
Argus (14)  
Incendiary (8) John Draper
Dolly (8)  
Megaera (8) Henry Blackwood (1770-1832)

République Française

French Fleet, Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse (1748-1812)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Océan (122) Jacques AngotFleet Flagship
Formidable (74) Charles Alexandre Léon Durand de Linois (Comte de Linois) (1761-1848) Captured
L'Alexandre (74) François Charles Guillemet (1749/50-1820) Captured
Mucius (74) Lareguy
Le Jean Bart (74) Legouardun
Les Droits de l'Homme (74) Sébire-Beauchêne
Le Fougueux (74) Giot-Labrier
Le Nestor (74) Jean Gaspard Vence (1747-1808)
Redoutable (74)  
Le Wattignies (74) Donat, Antoine René Thévenard (1766-1798)
Le Zélé (74) Aved Magnac
Le Tigre (74)   Captured

Notes on Action

Naval General Service MedalE-WIKI
A Naval General Service Medal Clasp was authorised for this action in 1847


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Posted by Tim Oakley on Thursday 12th of July 2012 06:19

Several French captains were court-martialled: Jean Magnac of Zélé, already blamed for the failure at Cornwallis's Retreat, was dismissed from the Navy, as was Captain Giot-Labrière of Fougueux. Captain Larréguy of Mucius was censured for not adequately supporting Tigre and three other captains were tried but acquitted ref Wiki

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