Action of 1795-10-07

7th October 1795
Part of : The French Revolutionary Wars (1793 - 1802)
Previous action : Occupation of Ceylon 10.1795
Next action : Action off Pointe du Raz 20.3.1796


Great Britain (Royal Navy) - Thomas Taylor

British Escort Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Fortitude (74) Thomas TaylorSquadron Flagship
Bedford (74) Alexander Montgomerie
Censeur (74) John Gore (1772-1836) Captured armed in flute
Lutine (32)  
Juno (32) Amelius Beauclerk (1771-1846), Amelius Beauclerk (1771-1846)
Argo (22)  
Tisiphone (16) Joseph Turner

République Française (State Navy) - Joseph de Richery (1757-1799)

Richery Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Victoire (90) Chevalier Daniel Savary (1742/43-1808)Squadron Flagship
Jupiter (74)  
Pégase (74) André Maureau
Le Berwick (74) Pierre Etienne René Marie Le Pelley du Manoir (1770-1829)
Révolution (74)  
Le Duquesne (74) Jean François Timothée Trullet (1755-1819)
L'Embuscade (32) Maurice Julien Émeriau de Beauverger (1762-1845)
La Félicité (32)  
La Friponne (32) Louis Léonce Trullet (1756-1827)

Notes on Action

Letter from Captain Thomas Taylor, of HMS Fortitude, to the Secretary of the Admiralty, dated Oct. 12, 1795RNB1823

"Sir,—Be pleased to acquaint my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that I left Gibraltar on the 24th Sept. taking the first spirt of an easterly wind after my letter of the 21st, when the wind was westerly.

"In coming through the gut in the night, H. M. ships Argo and Juno, with some of the merchantmen, parted company, and, I conclude, by steering more to the northward than myself with the other men-of-war and the body of the convoy, it being near dusk in the evening before many of them got out of the bay, though the Fortitude was under weigh with the much greater part by 10 A. M. but, on the whole, their separation has turned out a most fortunate circumstance; for, with great regret, I am to inform their lordships, that on the 7th instant, Cape St. Vincent, by account, bearing S. 83° E. 48 leagues, the wind N. by W. standing on the larboard tack, I discovered nine sail of the enemy's ships, six of the line, two of which I judged to be of 80 guns, and three large frigates, who directly gave chase to H. M. squadron under my command under a press of sail. I made every possible disposition for the better security of the convoy by divers signals, through which, had many of them been punctually obeyed, a much greater number would have escaped. I then formed the line, with the Bedford, Censeur, and Fortitude, determined, if practicable, to give them battle, and save as many of the convoy as I possibly could.

"Just as the ships under my command had formed, the Censeur rolled away her fore-top-mast; by which, having only a frigate's main-mast, she was rendered useless. The van line-of-battle ship of the enemy being then but long gun-shot off, and the rest coming fast up, I judged it proper, with the general opinion of my officers, coinciding with that of Captain Montgomery of the Bedford, to bear up, keeping very near together for our mutual support, and cutting down every part of the stern for the chase-guns. I ordered the Lutine frigate directly to take the Censeur in tow; but, from the very heavy fire from the enemy's van ship, it could not be effected.

"Captain Gore, who commanded the Censeur, though his ship was in so disabled a state, not half manned, and with but very little powder, made the most gallant defence; but being at length overpowered, by two sail more of the enemy's line coming up, I had the mortification to see him strike his colours about half-past two o'clock.''


RNB1823Royal Navy BiographyJohn Marshall, Digital Book

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Richery's squadron
Ship Guns Commander Notes
Victoire 80 Captain Lemancq
Jupiter 74 Captain Joseph de Richery
Barra 74 Captain André Maureau
Berwick 74 Captain Pierre Dumanoir le Pelley
Révolution 74 Captain Antoine-Jean-Baptiste Faye
Duquesne 74 Captain Zacharie Allemand
Embuscade 32
Félicité 32 Captain Lecourt
Friponne 32

Taylor's squadron
Ship Guns Commander Notes
HMS Fortitude 74 Commodore Thomas Taylor
HMS Bedford 74 Captain Augustus Montgomery
HMS Censeur 74 Captain John Gore Armed en flute. Cut off and captured. Returned to French Navy under the same name.
HMS Lutine 32 Captain William Haggitt
HMS Tisiphone 14 Captain Joseph Turner

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