Battle of Martinique

Combat de la Dominique

17th April 1780
Part of : The American War of Independence (1775/04/19 - 1784/01/14)
Previous action : 1st Action off Monti Christi 20.3.1780
Next action : Action of 30th April 1780 30.4.1780


Great Britain

Ship NameCommanderNotes
Sandwich (90) Walter Young
Princess Royal (98) Harry Harmood (1739-1809)
Torbay (74) John Lewis Gidoin (c.1727-1796)
Cornwall (74) Timothy Edwards (1731-1780)
Terrible (74) John Leigh Douglas (1741-1810)
Albion (74) George Bowyer (1740-1800)
Suffolk (74) Abraham Crespin (c.1741-1786)
Magnificent (74) John Elphinstone (1722-1785)
Elizabeth (74) Frederick Lewis Maitland (1729/30-1786)
Resolution (74) Lord Robert Manners (1758-1782)
Grafton (74) Thomas Newnham (d.1795)
Conqueror (74) Thomas Watson (d.1781)
Vengeance (74) John Holloway (1747-1826)
Alfred (74) William Bayne (1730-1782)
Montagu (74) John Houlton (c.1728-1791)
Ajax (74) Samuel Uvedale (1729-1808)
Yarmouth (64) Nathaniel Bateman (c.1723-1797)
Trident (64) Anthony James Pye Molloy (d.1815)
Intrepid (64) The Hon. Henry St John (1740-1780) CO Killed
Stirling Castle (64) Robert Carkett (c.1719-1780)
Vigilant (64) Sir George Home (7th Baronet of Blackadder) (1740-1803)
Medway (60) William Affleck (1740-1791)
Centurion (50) Richard Brathwaite (c.1728-1805)
Venus (36) James Ferguson (1723-1793)
Andromeda (28) Henry Bryne (c.1741-1780)
Greyhound (28) William Dickson (c.1728-1803)
Pegasus (28) John Bazely (1741-1809)
Deal Castle (20) William Fooks (d.1798)

Royaume de France

French Fleet, Luc Urbain de Bouëxic (Chevalier de Saint Louis) (1712-1790)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
White and Blue Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Le Destin (74)  
Le Vengeur (64)  
Le Saint Michel (60)  
Le Triomphant (80)  Squadron Flagship
Le Souverain (74)  
Le Solitaire (64)  
Le Citoyen (74) Alexandre de Thy (Comte d'Ethy) (1729-1789)
White Squadron, Luc Urbain de Bouëxic (Chevalier de Saint Louis) (1712-1790)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Le Caton (64)  
La Victoire (74) Joseph François Auguste Jules d'Albert de Saint-Hippolyte (1726-1799)
Le Fendant (74) Louis-Philippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil (Marquis de Vaudreuil) (1724-1802)
La Couronne (80)  Fleet Flagship
Le Palmier (74) François-Aymar de Monteil (Comte de Monteil) (1725-1787)
L'Indien (64)  
L'Actionnaire (64) Jean-François Gilart de Larchantel
Blue Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
L'Intrépide (74) Chevalier Louis-Guillaume de Parscau (1725-1786)
Le Triton (64)  
Le Magnifique (74)  
Le Robuste (74) François-Joseph Paul de Grasse (Seigneur de Tilly) (1722-1788)Squadron Flagship
Le Sphinx (64)  
L'Artesien (64) Charles René Sochet (Seigneur des Touches) (1727-1793)
L'Hercule (74) Claude-Marguerite François Renart de Fuchsamberg d'Amblimont (3rd Marquis d'Amblimont) (1736-1797), Jean Baptiste de Turpin de Jouhé (Comte de Turpin de Jouhé du Breuil-Malmaud) (1734-1783)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Le Dauphin Royal (74)  



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Posted by Admiral Hawke on Sunday 11th of November 2018 22:34

Neither the Alfred, 74, nor the Torbay, 74, were off Martinique with Admiral Rodney in April 1780. Both sailed out to the West Indies later in the year. Rodney had 20 of the line, excluding the Centurion, 50; this list currently has 22 because the Alfred and Torbay shouldn't be in the list. I hope that helps. :-)

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