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Action of 1666-12-25

25th December 1666
Part of : The Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665 - 1667)
Previous action : Action of 1666-08-31 31.8.1666
Next action : Capture of Surinam 26.2.1666/67


Kingdom of England

English Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Warspite (64) 1666-1702
British 64 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
Robert RobinsonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1653-1748
Saint Patrick (50) 1666-1667
British 50 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
Robert SandersBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1650-1667
Diamond (46) 1652-1693
British 46 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
John KingBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1651-1668
Jersey (50) 1654-1691
British 50 Gun
4th Rate Ship
James CarteretBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1665-1668
The Hon. Francis DigbyBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1666-1672
Nightingale (30) 1651-1674
British 30 Gun
5th Rate Ship
Richard LongBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1664-1666
Oxford (22) 1656-1667
British 22 Gun
5th Rate Ship
William BasseBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1664-1668

Dutch Republic

Dutch Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Kleine Harder (36) 1658-1666
Dutch 36 Gun
6th Rate Frigate
Elias (34) 1665-1666
Dutch 34 Gun
5th Rate Frigate
Leiden (30) 1647-1666
Dutch 30 Gun
5th Rate Ship



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Posted by Brian on Monday 18th of January 2016 03:23

London Gazette 1666, From aboard the Warrespight, towards the coast of Holland, December 26, The eighteenth instant the whole fleet of Men of War and merchants came out from Gottenburgh and the same night of the ?scaw, the wind taking us shore, made us apprehend some danger in that place; but the care that was generally taken, prevented all inconveniences. The next morning, being all together, it was thought fit to bear for Malstrand., whereupon our approach, the weather growing very thick, with much snow and wind, the Men of War came to anchor. About two of the clock, we thought fit to bear away together, but ill weather again taking us we stood over to the Jutland coast where the storm growing greater, we could not lie by, but bore away for our own coast and by its continuance all that night, we were forced to separate.
The 21 being more moderate we lay by for twelve hours, attending the ships that were at stern, of whom, we made up 18 sail, and by them being informed that the rest of the fleet were on head of us, we bore away after them.
The 25 instant, coming past the Texel, we discovered five sail of Hollands Men of War standing to us; whereupon we fitted ourselves to receive them, as also the other ships in our company, viz. The Jersey, Diamond, St. Patrick, Nightingale, and Oxford, we then bore upon them, and our ship being ahead, gave to one off the enemy a weather-broad-side, and the bore down upon the Admiral and two others with our lower fire out 5 which so well shook themselves to get from us, the Admiral ran aboard one of his companions; our other ships likewise so well plied them, that in a short time we took three of them, were of the Admiral was one; John Bonds Commander of 38 guns and 180 men, called the Cleane Harder, her masts being shot by the board, we were forced afterwards to burn her, having first taking out the men.The two others taken were the Leyden Jean, Blackenburg Captain, and the ?atch Ecles Capt. Vanberg Commander, each of them of 36 guns, and a 140 and 146 men apiece, all three of them having lost in the fight about fifty men apiece. The other two vessels endeavoured to save themselves by flight, but were chased by two of our Frigates which continued within night, but with what success we yet know not. We lost (God be Praised) but few men in this encounter and are still in good condition for further service, the greatest hurt we received was in our sail and rigging.

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