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Action of 1810-07-03

3rd July 1810
Part of : The Napoleonic Wars (1803 - 1815)
Previous action : Action of 1810-05-22 22.5.1810
Next action : The Capture of Reunion 6.7.1810 - 8.7.1810


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

East India Company ships
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Ceylon (26) Henry MeritonFleet Flagship 6 killed, 21 wounded Captured
Windham (50) John Stewart6 killed, 18 wounded Captured
Astell (26) Robert Hay8 killed, 37 wounded

Empire Français

French Squadron, Victor Guy Duperré (1775-1846)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Bellone (40) Victor Guy Duperré (1775-1846)
Le Revenant (18)  
Minerva (44) Pierre Henry François Étienne Bouvet de Maisonneuve (1775-1860)

Notes on Action

Captain of the Revenant (Ex-Victor for the British) ???FWIKI

Lieutenant Morice , captain of Iéna

Listing of the name of the ship

Revenant with Surcouf and Potier de la Houssaye from 02/03/1807 to 04/07/1808 , sold to the State

Iéna with Morice from 04/07/1808 to 08/10/1808 , captured

Victor for the British from 08/10/1808 to 02/11/1809 , captured

Revenant for the French 02/11/1809 to 06/12/1810 , captured

Early on July 3rd, off Mayotte, the outward-bound Indiamen Ceylon, Henry Meriton (senior officer), Windham, John Stewart, and Astell, Robert Hay, discovered on their starboard bow the French men-of-war Bellone, 40, Captain Victor Guy Duperre, Minerve, 40, Captain Pierre Franois Henri Etienne Bouvet, and Victor, 22, Commander Nicolas Morice. As soon as the Indiamen had satisfied themselves that the strangers were enemies, they prepared for action, while trying at first to avoid it; but, the Frenchmen pressing, Meriton ultimately formed a close line of the Windham, Ceylon, and Astell, in the order named, and awaited the attack, which began at about 2.15 P.M. A most determined and gallant fight was made of it, both by the crews of the ships and by the numerous troops in them [About 250, in each ship, all of the 24th Regt]; and it was not until 7.20 that the Ceylon, having had 7 killed and 21 (including Meriton) wounded, hauled down her colours. The Windham continued the struggle for 25 minutes longer, and struck only when she had had nine guns dismounted, and had lost 6 killed and 18 wounded. The Astell, after losing 8 killed and 37 (including Hay) wounded, put out her lights and escaped in the darkness. The losses on the French side were 22 killed and 38 wounded. Seldom has a braver defence been made by peaceable vessels against an overwhelming force of men-of-war. The prizes were carried to Mauritius.


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TRN5The Royal Navy : a history from the earliest times to the present Vol VWilliam Laid ClowesDigital Book

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