Attack on La Guaira

18th February 1742/43
Fought at : La Guaira
Part of : War of Jenkins' Ear (1739/10/22 - 1748/10/18)
Previous action : Duke's attack at St Tropez 14.6.1742
Next action : Sinking of the San Isidoro 2.3.1742/43


Great Britain

British Squadron, Charles Knowles (1704-1777)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Suffolk (70) Charles Knowles (1704-1777)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Norwich (50) Thomas Gregory (d.1747/48)
Eltham (40) Richard Watkins (d.1770)
Lively (20)  
Comet (8) Peter Burville (d.1743)



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Posted by Brian on Thursday 29th of May 2014 19:53

Attack on La Guayra, 18th February 1743
The damages sustained at La Guyra, Feb 19, 1742:
The Suffolk,Com. Knowles, First Lieutenant Edw. Pratten, now our Captain. 97 shot through the hull, 19 between wind and water, 1 through the main mast, just above the upper deck, 1 thro' the Main Top Mast, 2 thro' the Mizen Mast, the Mizen Yard and Mizen Top-Sail Yard both shot in two. 14 guns dismounted, 6 of which entirely unserviceable, the standing and running rigging much cut, and the ship set on fire by red-hot shot; 30 men killed, 80 wounded.

The burford, Capt. Lushington, since dead, now Capt. Smith, 73 shot thro' the hull, 17 between wind and water on the starboard side and 2 on the larboard side, 11 gun carriages damaged; a red-hot shot blew up the arms chest, te Mizen Mast shot thro' in four places, the Main Mast 5; the Fore Mast wounded on the Foreside 4 inches in; the Bowsprit shot thro' the Fore Yard in the Quarter Booms, spare Top Mast and Yards cut all to pieces, the Captain shot though the thigh of which he died; 24 men killed, 50 wounded.

The Eltham, Capt. Watkins, 44 shot thro' the hull, 13 between wind and water, the main mast shot in five places, the mizen top mast thro' the mizen yard cut in two, 1 shot in the bowsprit; the booms, spare top masts and fiches cut to pieces, some guns dismounted, three od which are quite unserviceable; 14 men killed, 55 wounded.

The Norwich, Capt. Gregory 7 shot thro' the hull, which damaged some planks; the fore mast shot thro' two foot above the upper deck, and wounded on the starboard side 10 inches in; the larboard side 6 inches in; the main stay, several shrouds and the running rigging pretty much cut. 1 man killed, 11 wounded.

The Advice, Capt. Smith, 10 shot thro' the hull, which damaged and tore the quarter deck, the spare top masts, top mast yard, mizen yard and all the booms cut; the long boat and ??? 5 men (and 2 surgeons mates) killed, 14 wounded.

The Assistance, Capt. Smith Calais, 32 shot thro' starboard and 9 thro' the larboard side, the main mast shot 2 thirds thro' 16 feet above deck, 1 third thro' betwixt decks; the fore mast wounded 3 inches in, the mizen mast shot thro' in several places, the mizen top mast carried away; the spare top mast, top sail yard and all booms cut and split to pieces, both standing and running rigging very much cut from stern to stern and some guns dismounted. 13 men killed, 71 wounded.

The Lively, by a remove, Capt. Gage, several shot thro' the hull, 3 of which were under water; the barge, stove, standing and running rigging pretty much cut; 2 guns disabled, the Lieutenant and 5 men killed, 24 wounded.

The Scarborough-Bomb Capt. Lively, two or three shot thro' the hull which wounded 2 men, stove, the barge, and cut the rigging in several places.

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