Attack on the Caracas Convoy

8th January 1780
Part of : The American War of Independence (1775/04/19 - 1784/01/14)
Previous action : Operations against Charleston 1.1780 - 5.1780
Next action : Battle of Cape St. Vincent 16.1.1780


Great Britain

British ships, Sir George Brydges Rodney (Baronet ) (1719-1792)
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Sandwich (90) Walter YoungFleet Flagship
Royal George (100) John Bourmaster (1736-1807)Squadron Flagship
Prince George (98) Philip Patton (1739-1815)Squadron Flagship
Bedford (74) Edmund Affleck (1725-1788)
Alcide (74) John Brisbane (d.1807)
Culloden (74) George Balfour (c.1720-1794)
Montagu (74) John Houlton (1740-1792)
Edgar (74) John Elliot (1732-1808)
Ajax (74) Samuel Uvedale (d.1809)
Cumberland (74) Joseph Peyton (1725-1804), Harry Harmood (1739-1809)
Monarch (74) Adam Duncan (1731-1804)
Shrewsbury (74) Mark Robinson (1722-1799)
Terrible (74) Sir Richard Bickerton (1st Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1727-1792), John Leigh Douglas (1741-1810)
Resolution (74) Chaloner Ogle (1738-1816)
Invincible (74) Samuel Pitchford (1739-1816)
Defence (74) James Cranston (d.1790)
Marlborough (74) Taylor Penny (1722-1786)
Dublin (74) Samuel Wallis (1728-1795)
Bienfaisant (64) John Macbride (c.1735-1800)
America (64) Samuel Thompson (1718-1813)
Convert (32) Henry Harvey (1737-1810)
Pearl (32) George Montagu (1750-1829)
Apollo (32) Philimon Pownoll (d.1780)
Triton (28) Skeffington Lutwidge (1737-1814)
Pegasus (28) John Bazely (1741-1809)
Porcupine (24) Hugh Seymour Conway (d.1801)
Hyaena (24) Edward Thompson (d.1787)


Company Warships, Juan Augustin de Yardi
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Guipuscoana (64) Thomas de MalayFleet Flagship Captured
San Carlos (32) Firmin Urtizberea Captured
San Rafael (30) Luis Arbura Captured
Santa Teresa (28) Jose J. de Medizeval Captured
San Bruno (26) J. M. de Goicochea Captured
San Firmin (16) J. Vin. Eloy Sanchez Captured
San Vincente (10) Jose Ugalde Captured
Spanish Merchantmen
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Nuestra Señora de L'Oves   Captured
L'Amistad   Captured
La Bellona   Captured
Divinia Providentia   Captured
Esperanza   Captured
La Conceptione   Captured
Le Cidada de Mercia   Captured
La Providentia   Captured
San Francisco   Captured
San Gibilan   Captured
San Jeronimo   Captured
San Lauren   Captured
San Miguel   Captured
San Nicholas   Captured
San Pacora   Captured



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Posted by Brian Stephens on Saturday 5th of April 2014 21:02

The Edinburgh Advertiser, March 7, 1780
When the two fleets came first in sight of each other, the Spanish fleet attempted to get away; but Langara finding that he could not escape, lay to, and waited for our ships. The engagement began at twenty minuets past four and lasted and lasted until twenty minutes past 2 o'clock in the morning. The night was exceedingly dark, the wind very high, and our fleet so near the Spanish coast that several of the ships were in no more between two and twenty fathom water; the ships running right before the wind, and up on a lee shore, the fleet was in the greatest danger; the Royal George, in particular, was very near being ashore. The behaviour of Captain Uvedal, of the Ajax, deserves to be particularly mentioned; he engaged seven successfully and fought the last an hour and forty one minutes; he expended sixty seven barrels of gun powder. All the officers deserve the highest commendation; Captain Cranston, Captain Elliott, Sir Ch?oner Ogle, Captain Affleck, Captain McBride, Captain Duncan etc.. After the San Domingo blew up, one man was seen upon a piece of mast in the sea, and was taken up by the Pegasus. The account he gave of the disaster was, that he was between decks during the action, and was not in the least sensible of the ship's blowing up, until he suddenly found himself in the water. The greatest care was taken of him, but he died before the Pegasus got to Gibraltar. Notwithstanding the darkness of the night, and the storm that blew, the action continued without the least intermission. The Spaniards fought bravely. The San Eugenio and the San Julian, were both lost off Cape St. Mary, the San Justo struck but afterwards escaped by the darkness of the night and got into Cadiz. The San Lorenzo and the San Genero also struck, but got away in the night and have not since been heard of. The San Augustin was sunk. The other four taken and carried to Gibraltar. etc..

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