Battle of the Downs

21st October 1639
Part of : Eighty Years War (1568 - 1648)
Previous action : Action of 18 September 1639 17th September 1639 - 19th September 1639
Next action : Battle of Cape St Vincent 4th November 1641


Dutch Republic

Tromp's Squadron, Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp

Also present

Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Aemilia 57Barent Barentszoon CramerFleet Flagship
Maagd van Dordrecht 42 
Salamander 40Laurens Pieterszoon Bachuysen
Sampson 36Claesz Corneliszoon Ham
Hollandsche Tuin 32Lambert Ijsbrantszoon Halffhoorn
Veere 32Cornelis Ringelszoon
Omlandia 30Jan Gerbrandsz
Utrecht 30Gerrit Meyndertszoon den Uyl
Deventer 28Robert Post
Zeerider 24Cornelis van Velsen
Meerminne 24 
Overijssel 22Jacques Forant
Gideon 24Hendrik Janszoon Camp
Gelderland 34Willem van Coulster
Second Squadron, Joost Banckert
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Wapen van Holland 30Lieve Corneliszoon de Zeeuw
Walcheren 28Jan Teuniszoon Sluys
Neptunus 28Albert 't Jonge Hoen
Zutphen 26 
Zeeridder 26Frans Janszoon
Ter Goes 24Abraham Crijnssen
Arnemuyden 22Adriaan Janszoon den Gloeyenden Oven
Friesland 22Tjaart Rijenx de Groot
Drente 10Gerrit Veen
Rotterdam 10Joris Pieterszoon van den Broek
Amsterdam 10Barent Pieterszoon Dorrevelt
Third Squadron (7 ships), Cornelis Corneliszoon Jol
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Jupiter 40Cornelis Corneliszoon JolSquadron Flagship
Fourth Squadron (30 ships, 4 fireships), Witte Corneliszoon de With
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Frederik Hendrik 36Pieter Pieterszoon de WintSquadron Flagship
Sint Laurens 32Adriaan Dommertszoon
Fifth Squadron (8 ships), Hendrick Corneliszoon De Nijs
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Sixth Squadron, Johan Evertsen
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Vlissingen 34Frans JanszoonSquadron Flagship

Allied (Spain & Portugal)

Spanish Fleet (75 ships), Antonio de Oquendo
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Flanders Squadron (21 ships)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Squadron of San Jose
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Squadron of Massibradi
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Squadron of Galicia
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Squadron of Cadiz
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Squadron of Castile
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Santa Teresa 60 Squadron Flagship Sunk

Notes on Action

Spanish SquadronEWIKI
Order of Battle of the Spanish Armada, 6 September 1639 (Orden de Batalla en media Luna). Total is 75 ships. Dates are now NS.

Name guns (squadron/type/commander etc.) - Fate

Santiago 60 (Castile) - Capitana Real or Royal Flagship. Escaped into Dunkirk, 1 November 1639
San Antonio (pinnace) (Masibradi) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Agustin (pinnace) (Martin Ladron de Guevara) - Driven ashore 31 October
Santa Teresa 60 (Portugal) - Don Lope de Hoces, commander. Destroyed in action 31 October
San Jeronimo
San Agustin (Naples) - Vice-Admiral. Driven ashore 31 October, sunk 3 or 4 days later
El Gran Alejandro (Martin Ladron de Guevara) - Taken by the Dutch
Santa Ana (Portugal)
San Sebastian
Santa Catalina (Guipuzcoa) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Lazaro
San Blas (Masibradi) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Jerónimo (Masibradi) - Burnt in the Downs 31 October
San Nicolas
Santiago (Castile) - Burnt off Dover on the night of 2 November
San Juan Bautista (Guipuzcoa) - Sunk 31 October
Esquevel 16 (hired Dane) - Captured 28 September
San Jose (Dunkirk)
Los Angeles (Castile) - Driven ashore 31 October
Santiago (Portugal) - Driven ashore 31 October
Delfin Dorado (Naples) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Antonio (Naples) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Juan Evangelista (Dunkirk)
El Pingue (hired ship) - Sunk in the Downs 31 October
San Carlos (Masibradi)
San Nicolas (Masibradi)
San Miguel
Orfeo 44 (Naples) - Lost on the Goodwin sands 31 October
San Vicente Ferrer (Dunkerque)
San Martin (Dunkerque)
Nuestra Senora de Monteagudo (Dunkerque) - Escaped into Dunkirk 1 November
Santiago 60? (Galicia) - Captured 31 October
? (flag of Masibradi) - Captured 28 September, retaken same day, escaped to Dunkirk, 1 November, wrecked 4 days later
Santo Tomas (Martin Ladron de Guevara) - Driven ashore 31 October
Nuestra Senora de Luz
Santa Clara
San Gedeon (Dunkerque)
San Jacinto
San Carlos (Dunkerque) - Sunk 31 October
Santo Cristo de Burgos (San Josef) - Lost off the French coast 31 October
San Paulo (Masibradi)
San Miguel
La Corona (hired ship)
La Presa or San Pablo La Presa (Castile)
San Esteban (Martin Ladron de Guevara) - Captured 31 October
San Pedro de la Fortuna (hired ship) - Driven ashore but got off, 31 October
Los Angeles (hired ship)
Aguila Imperial
La Mujer
Santo Domingo de Polonia (hired Polish ship) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Jose (flagship of Vizcaya) - Captured 31 October
San Salvador (flagship of Dunkirk) - Escaped into Dunkirk 1 November
São Baltasar (Vice-Admiral of Portugal) - 800 tons. Back at Lisbon in 1640
San Francisco 50? (Rear-Admiral of Dunkerque) - Escaped into Dunkirk 1 November
San Pedro el Grande (flagship of Ladron de Guevara)
Santiago (Martin Ladron de Guevara)
Jesus Maria (pinnace)
San Pedro Martir (urca) (hired ship) - Driven ashore 31 October
Fama (Urca) (hired ship) - Driven ashore 31 October
Santa Cruz (Masibradi)
San Daniel (Guipuzcoa) - Driven ashore 31 October
San Juan Evangelista (hired ship of Hamburg) - Driven ashore 31 October
Santa Agnes (frigate) (Naples) - Stranded but got off, 3 November
Grune? (Castile) - Driven ashore, 31 October 1639
Santa Teresa (Saetia) (Castile) - Taken by a French privateer 31 October
Exchange (hired English transport) - All 8 English transports put into Plymouth 13 September, and reached the Downs 22 October, where they were detained
Peregrine (hired English transport)
Assurance (hired English transport)
5 other hired English transports


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